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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Britlancer, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey, i qualify for my eight year bonus this year and just wondering if there are any admin jedis out there who may now roughly how much it is?
    I enlisted in 2000 at 16 hence why i only just qualify now from the reckonable service date etc, I know i wouldnt be on the new 15k scheme so any ideas???
  2. I think its about 5k according to the new AFPRB.

  3. Cheers mucka!
  4. If you are still on the old system, (one bonus at 5 years and another at 8 years) the 8 year bonus is £2500. You will end up with roughly £1600 after the tax man has had his bit
  5. Straight from the 2009 AFPRB report.
    Paragraph 3.4 page 23

    Recommendation 3: We endorse the new Commitment Bonuses from 1 April 2009
    for new entrants and those with less than 4 years’ service. We also endorse the
    transitional arrangements for the current scheme which increases the total bonus
    to £8,000 for those with between 4 and 8 years’ service.

  6. Would this be applicable to those who have signed for their 5 year money? Or would the 8k be the two combined?
  7. For those with reckonable service BEFORE 02 April 2004:

    £3000 at 5 yr point (1 year ROS)

    £5000 at 8 yr point (1 year ROS)

    Both before tax.

    The pay award is on ArmyNet (those after 02 April 05 get £15000 at 8 year point!!! :x )
  8. Sorry, I'm being really thick, but since I joined in 2000 (like the above poster), and as such, have already signed for my 5 year money, will I get £5000 or £2500?
  9. It will be £5000.

    If you log onto ArmyNet and search for commitment bonus, the second result (ABN 12-09-Commitment Bonus Schemes) is what you want. There is a flow chart on the last page which helps to decide which scheme you are on.
  10. E_T is right, you will get the £5000. I'm trying to upload the last page of the ABN but it says theres a problem just now.
  11. Thanks both, that's a bit of a Brucey, as I was only expecting 2.5k!

    And no, I'm not giving you a finder's fee! :D
  12. Dammit!
  13. Thanks to all that posted!!! quality news!
  14. Hi A bit of advice needed i have served since oct 2000 this when i was 18 i took my 5 year bonus in to 2005 but i got out of the army for 11 months and rejoined i have stayed on the old scheme what am i due for my 8 year money? is it 2500 or 5000

  15. Hopefully you'll get fcuk all. It's a commitment bonus. You got out and got back in, that's not being very committed is it? :p