8 year bonus?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Biffta112, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know how much it is or how long it takes to get paid into your account? i submitted the paperwork in november and was eligable at the start of at the start of December, my clerks to me to expect it on the 31st of Jan but surprise surprise its not there! Any advice apreiciated as we have no duty clerk.
  2. Got mine pretty promptly that was a while ago though, seem to remember others waiting up to 3 months before seeing it. Not sure how much it is now, around 2.5K?

    Top tip of the day- Don't go spending it until you get it.
  3. Ha Ha! Not spent yet, just got things i want to do!
  4. Would that be the 31st of Jan in 31 days time? :D

    Given the time of year, and the time of your eligability, I´d say you´d get in the time frame specified.
  5. haha
  6. Ha! what a mong! Meant to say 31st of December.
  7. Mine was due 28th Nov last year. Managed to find a switched-on clerk (rare, I know), they applied for it at the beginning of November, had it paid in to the bank on Nov 29th, just in time to start Xmas shopping. I'm sure my lucky case is the exception rather than the rule though, especially this time of year.
  8. How much is it?
  9. its about 1300 after tax mate
  10. but dont quote me becuase i am wrong a lot. i am saying that it is ABOUT 1300
  11. a month after you qualify paperwork is available to sign in UAO. once signed AND SUBMITTED BY CLERKS you can expect to rx it in 4-6 weeks. if this hasnt happened then whinge at clerks who should investigate
  12. Mine was in the Bank after 10 days :D
  13. Aye but that was back when we had an empire! :lol:
  14. It was only because the paperwork had to go to Glasgow from Edinburgh :wink:

    Cheeky git :D
  15. Come to think of it this was pre JPA. cancel K