8 year Bonus new rules

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bigdaven001, May 15, 2009.

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  1. I have read a few forums saying that the 8 year bonus has gone up to 5000 pounds since the first of april 2009. I have found the review board for this but is it acctually true as im due mine soon.
    Has anyone claimed this recently?
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  2. Of course it true, but depending on your pensionable service will depend on your entitlement.
  3. I dont understand what you mean. Surely im entitled as im up to my eight year adult service point. I have been to my clerk though and he has told me that the army is not allowing him to award this at the moment as the system still says the old commitment bonus still applies.
  4. WTF is your clerk on about????

    He doesn't put anything on.

    Fill in the form, send it off. End of story. YOu need to check the dates though with regards to which of the 3 options it is now depending on Pensionable service. PM if you have DII/RLI account and I will ping you the DIT
  5. I dont have dii account, you can tell how good my place is!!!
    But my clerk had filled in a form with an amount of 2500 at the top and told me that i cant claim for any more. I joined in 2001 at 18 so im between 4 and 8 years service at 1st april 2009 as im due my bonus at the end of the month. I just cant understand why the afprb doesnt seem to apply yet as his system or whatever he is using wont let me claim for 5000. Maybe he is just sticking to the old system but there seems to be nothing i can get from the internet that will show that im due this extra money.
  6. Check he hasn't diverted half your claim to his own bank account.
  7. Try this.

    Or if that doesn't work go onto Armynet and search for bonus.
    The bottom result on the first page should be a file called "20090330abn1209commitmentbonusschemesu.pdf"

    The last page of this document has a flowchart telling you exactly what you are entitled to.

    Then print it out, coat the document with a thin layer of oil and then shove it as hard as possible up the arse of your clerk as he sounds like a prick!!

  8. Oil? You're too soft. try this:

  9. I cant even get signed up for the armynet site! Probably cos my clerk has not signed me up or something. I dont know what these people actually do all day but whatever it is it's no use to me!!
    Is there any way i could use a link to get this file????
  10. Big Dave - admin isn't a dirty word mate!

    Signing up to ArmyNet is your responsibility not your clerks.

    Log onto JPA, Self service user, then at the bottom of the first chunk of menu there is a section called "commitment bonus". That should tell you what your reckonable service date is and also which scheme you fall under. If it says 7 years xxx days or 8 years xx days then you will be on the old scheme which is now uplifted to £5000 before deductions.
  11. We surf ARRSe all day helping people like you :wink:

    • Those whose adult service commenced prior to 2 Apr 04 will have the increase added to their 8 year CB payment – increasing that bonus payment from £2,500 to £5,000 (gross). This increased 8 year payment will continue to attract a formal one-year return of service.

    • Those whose adult service commenced after 1 Apr 04 but prior to 2 Apr 05 will receive a stand-alone payment of £2,500 at the 8 year point, which attracts a formal one year return of service. This stand-alone payment is in addition to the normal payment of £5,500 (gross) at their 5 or 6 year point - determined by capbadge - which attracts a formal 2 year return of service.
  12. My bonus is now sorted. As i took him this file for the commitment bonus reforms he had the same thing!!! So now i have the bonus but the only downside is i will have to wait till the end of june as it hasnt gone through before the end of this month!!!
    Thanks to all who helped!!!
  13. Anytime. The pay run was CRAZY early this month , so you would have been unlikely to get it in May anyway, if it's any consolation.
  14. You are now my favourite person. I recently applied for my 5 year bonus (despite having done 7... Love those two for the Queen!), however it's come back to the clerk with a query on the amount but she didn't know why. I'm guessing because I'm now entitled to £5500 instead of the £3000 she asked for, according to that flow chart!! WINNER! :D
  15. Hopefully this helps others.