8 SAS and UK diplomat 'detained' in Libya by rebel forces...

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by BornSlippy, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Details are slowly emerging about the incident on Sky news, The Sunday Times has an article on their website but you need a subscription to read it. Oh dear what a massive balls up!

    "An eight-man SAS team was being held by Libyan rebel forces last night after being captured as they accompanied a junior British diplomat on an undercover mission which ended in embarrassment.
    The elite troops had been escorting the diplomat through rebel-held territory in the east of Libya as he tried to make contact with opponents of Colonel Gaddafi.
    The diplomat had intended to pave the way for a more senior British official to establish diplomatic relations with rebel forces. But last night the young Foreign Office employee and his armed SAS escorts were locked up inside a military base in Benghazi, the largest city held by opponents of Col Gaddafi.

    It is understood the SAS incursion into rebel-held territory infuriated opposition politicians, one of whom told them to warn David Cameron’s Government that it should recognise the opposition as Libya’s legitimate leaders before attempting to open negotiations.
    Sources admitted last night that there was huge embarrassment in Whitehall that the SAS mission had backfired.
    But there was confidence that the SAS team and the diplomat would be released unharmed within 24 hours after the rebels had made their point. There were no plans last night for a second SAS team to be sent in to secure the release of their colleagues."

    -Taken from the DailyMail.co.uk.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If its true, he's Vauxhall Cross not 'diplomat'. Eight black - nasty boys for one Oxbrige oik? Clearly first dibs on oil deals are worth more than 'uman rights and soldiers lives.

    Not that there was any doubt on either count mind.
  3. 8 of the best in the world captured by a few flip flop wearing ***** with ak47s.... you sure this isnt an april fool joke a month early??
  4. well they certainly made contact with the rebels, but not the kind of negotiations they were hoping for one would think
  5. As it was a mission involving diplomacy maybe they saw slotting their captors as undiplomatic.
  6. atleast the Royal Navy are releived. Could this be the end of iPod referances?
  7. You can bet that they were under strict dont kill anyone unless you really really have too, and then don't do it.

    got to get that oil pumping again and we need to keep the new guys sweet killing their cousin Achmed aint gonna help that.

    I am not being cynical. It could end up at two quid a litre or thereabouts I dont give a toss whos diplomatic ass they need to kiss just get it kissed.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It will be that soon anyway, irrespective of this 'blip'. There's the whole of the rest of the regional being unstable to be considered. And just exactly how deep are the Saud's pockets when it comes to bribing their serfs to keep the family business in power? If its not one thing, you can damn well bet it will be something else.

    Anyway, its in OPEC's interest to **** up the oil supply chain. It keeps them in whores, coke, palaces, foreign trips and desert superhighways.
  9. Nope. It's obviously a problem, but nothing at all to be embarrassed about from what I have heard so far.

    There are times when you are reliant on the consent of those among whom you are operating. Sometimes there will be difficulties.
  10. Dingerr is quite correct. Shooting their way out might upsets some Libyans a bit.

    As a septic sort I an not certain how much our President cares about gas/petrol prices. It is clear that his Secretary of Energy wants higher prices. In 2008, while the head of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, Chu told The Wall Street Journal that energy prices were the lynchpin to an energy overhaul. "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," Chu said in September 2008.
  11. Let me see now. A couple of boats' crews of sailors carrying out secondary duties, inexperienced and untrained in resistance to interrogation techniques, and criticised for not being 'soldiers', get captured whilst in international waters, seeking to avoid a firefight which would only result in their slaughter. Compared against highly trained super-hard invisible death-dealing ninjas getting captured in a country they're not supposed to be in by a handful of untrained rebels. Hmmm!

    It would be interesting to see how many of those pongos who made smart-arsed (and usually repetative and unoriginal) comments about ipods come back and slag off their so superior THEM colleagues.

  12. I woudnt say im releived. But once they are released unharmed (as i hope they will be) then the entire nay/iranian joke must suerly die and death then.
    Until they are released i think its a bit early to start the banter back.
  13. Well you can be bloody sure these lads will not be seen on tv scoffing themselves silly, crying because they had their iPods nicked. It was not the capture that was the main embarrassment, rather the post capture behaviour. In any case we should, as discussed above, let this one play out...
  14. BBC News - MoD silent over report of SAS men captured in Libya
    Libyan rebels seize British SAS troops-Sunday Times | News by Country | Reuters

    Something here is a bit suss.

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, we don't know who these guys are yet, or if there even are any. Basically what has happened is some guy ringing various media and saying "we've captured SAS ner ner ne ner ner". The Sunday Times posted the story and everyone else has picked it up from there.

    MoD doesn't comment on SF ops so its impossible to confirm, and I highly doubt that SAS would make their unit known without at least a couple of days of the dripping cold water treatment.

    We know the diplomat (if there was one) was low-level. I doubt that a low level diplomat would be given an honest to god SAS escort. Sounds like what happened here was a bunch of unfortunate lads on CP duty.

    OR, if one were cynical, this could be an attempt by Gadaffi to rally some support. Hes been spoonfeeding that western intervention crap to his people for decades now, so putting out a report that "them damn meddlers are at it again" sounds right up his street.
  15. perhaps its not SAS.... are any Private Security firms being used by us out there?