8 Rifles?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RustyH, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Just came across a post on face book from someone...

    "any 1 know when 8 rifles is startin up in pontifract, its supposed to be a new ta center"

    Now has this bloke got his wires crossed or are the Rifles getting an 8th battalion?

  2. Think he needs to go back to school and learn to count,there's 7 rifle battalions maybe a 8 on the way but nothing but rumours yet, edited for being a mong
  3. ...or maybe you should! Clickity
  4. So to clear this up as Im being a mong, are there plans for an 8th battalion and if so any idea if it will be composed of the detachments, or new units? (The later seems very unlikely) or is it just a wild rumour?
  5. Rusty, no there are not.

    The three detachments were referred to as '8 RIFLES' at the time of the formation but it was only in jest.

    Never say never, but it's wild rumour at this point in time.
  6. Ok thanks for the info
  7. RIFLES were pushing for this quite a while ago when the amalgamation was being planned - and there is an argument for it as 2 x RIFLES Coys are part of other Bns. Problem is whether there is really enough critical mass to create the infrastructure of another Bn HQ and all that that entails.
  8. Resistance Is Futile
  9. Hope this helps clear up a few questions which seem to be floating around.

    Actual facts:

    E (RIFLES) Coy (4 MERCIAN) still exists as a non RIFLES Bn Coy in Shrewsbury.
    D (RIFLES) Coy (5 RRF) also still exist as a non RIFLES Bn Coy in Bishop Auckland.

    When THE RIFLES were formed, there were three Coys outside the 7 Bns and it was assumed that 8 RIFLES would be formed, but Minden (LI) Coy EWRR in Wakefield, West Yorkshire got the chop instead.

    What was Minden Coy became Y (RIFLES) Platoon, a detachment of D Coy 5RRF in Doncaster making it an Uber Mega Turbo Coy with four - YES FOUR - detachments!

    Finally, the OK has been given to start another Platoon detachment of D Coy in Pontefract (W Yorks), probably called Minden (or M) Platoon. However, this platoon as yet only marches on paper!

    The one company of RIFLES in 5 RRF completely out-man both of the Fusilier Coys put together. For example, Y Platoon alone regularly out number each Fusilier Coy on drill nights and weekends, and on Herrick 8 last year 5 RRF mobilised 10 individuals; all of them were from the D (RIFLES) Coy.

    Since creation in 2006, both TA COs of 5 RRF have previously been RIFLES and have had to rebadge. The next one is also looking distinctly green.

    Only rumours and gossip:

    With all the above taken into consideration it is only a matter of time before the two platoons in Yorkshire become one single Coy - Y (RIFLES) Coy - creating the three RIFLES Coys in the north... again.

    With the poor manning of the Fusiliers, it is not altogether impossible to imagine 8 RIFLES being established.

    If 5 RRF is then subsequently disbanded, 8 RIFLES may then include a single Fusilier Coy.

    One more fact - Yorkshire is one of THE best recruiting grounds for The Rifles and in my humble opinion deserves to have a major footprint, especially in West Yorkshire where it has been based ever since the 51st were given the honour of becoming Light Infantry (Kings Own).

    Cede Nullis / Swift and Bold

  10. Don't think he has - despite all the posts that followed yours.

    Heard from a Rassaman in Rifles (won't say which one...) that 8 Rifles WAS - 'on the go'...as to Pontefract,there was NO mention of where.

    It does seem that The Rifles, are the flavour of the MOD at present.
  11. In Pontefract, pehaps?

  12. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see this is raising it's head again. the score from this time last year was as per :

    Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:52 am
    From: Pob02
    To: Bravo_Bravo

    Brigade Commander paid us a visit last night.

    Basically there was an "idea" ( now shelved) as follows:

    G coy to leave 7 Rifles, then along with the Rifles coys in 5RRF and 4 Mercian ( plus that random platoon which is also kicking around somewhere) and a new Coy to be based at Mile End they were to form 8 Rifles.

    For obvious logistical reasons that has been at least shelved.

    Staying as we all are, thank * !

    G Coy did 7 Rifles a huge favour by having around 50 on parade last night . . certainly impressed His Nibs.

    Of course the idea may be back on the drawing board. . . .
    My body aches . . been playing at this far too long now. Still on plus side the brain is now too ruined to care.
  13. ...and my little snippet dates from the beginning of this month in 2009...

    Again I say,the flavour of the MOD, appears to be The Rifles..
  14. Just wondered why the MOD felt the need to make a super size regiment anyway? Like why four regt's into one? Why not amalgamate four into two normal size regts's. After the last re-organisation, next biggest regt has only three reg and one TA (eg paras and Yorks).
    Are the rifles a prototype for future amalgamations?

  15. The Scots have 5 Reg and 2 TA same as the Rifles