8 Regt to Disband

Discussion in 'RLC' started by GeneralMalaise, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. It's official; 8 Regt has been given the nod that they are to disband. Timeline given was that by this time next year the Regt will be officially wrapped-up!

    I wonder if this will now open the flood gates to the other low hanging fruits around the Corps and the Army as a whole.

    What a sad day for a Regt with such auspicious lineage.
  2. Driving lorries can hardly be considered an auspicious lineage.
  3. snigger
  4. I've heard the 79th Mess tin & KFS repair unit are also facing the chop? Let's be real here - Cavalry regt's with over 300 years over history have been slammed together losing their own personal identity, really you're just losing one regt and the capbadge and theme stays the same. You can't complain all too much now can you.
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  5. GM, It will be a sad day for the Corps when the 8th of Wheel disband. Having worn my Scorpion with pride, I will look back with fond memories.

    Ex donkey man - your point is well made, however, at least let people mourn 8 Regts passing. After all, you are surfing the RLC site!!
  6. What auspicious lineage?

    Please clarify.
  7. They are the only regiment in the British Army to ever wear a key fob as part of their uniform....beat that.
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  8. Is that the same cavalry that's losing 50% of its fighting platforms but retaining nearly 100% of its manpower?

    Get a life!

    The time is for change and must be capability driven - the days of preserving a regiment because they once defended King Flannel in the 17C or because Tpr Tiddlypush won a VC at the battle of Bongo-Bongo for a single horse cavalry charge, i'm afraid are gone.

    Structures based on heritage not capability will end us in another fine mess, be sure of that.
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  9. Never has a Regt been so messed about than 8. Never served with them, but i know a lot who did, and did so proudly. The ARRC had a fob for a while, as did a lot of NATO units, but only 8 kept it. Was on my JMQC with a couple of blokes from 8 who refused to remove the fob when told to do so by DS. They got RTU'd for attitude (told Mitch to fook off '2 Group'). Top blokes who i doubt got a bollocking on return to Munster.
  10. And that means what?
  11. Have you never seen 'Ice Cold in Alex'?
  12. Yeah, Run Away Someone's Coming, let's pick up a spy and we're gay because we didn't spit-roast nursie in the minefield as a danger fcuk.

    Hardly Balaclava, old boy, now is it?
  13. She's much tidier than one might expect after a hard day's graft. Are the lady soldiers nowadays quite so fastidious? Can I re-enlist, I'm 53?


  14. You mean like one of these (Not 8 Regt,not RCT/RLC)?


    I always thought they were a bit gay myself.
  15. That doesn't improve the situation any. That was a van they were driving.