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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Come on then whats the duty rumour about 8 Tpt Regt moving.

    I heard they could be moving to Leeming but the original word was that they were coming to Germany.

    Whats going on?
  2. I hear ya! No one else seems to though, which slightly concerns me as someone who is considering a posting to the 8th Regt of Cart. Are there no present or ex members of the scorpian club with an opinion?? or have the weasels taken over???
  3. I'll have a go...duty rumour is that 8 Tpt Regt will move from Marne Bks to RAF Leeming and be joined there by 6 Supply and HQ 102 Bde. Not sure of the fate of 7 Tpt Regt but I'm sure someone is in a position to speculate. As for Marne Bks, the same duty rumour tells a tale of a Cav Regt (QRL?) moving in to replace 8 Regt.

    Thats the word doing the rounds...but lets not let that disturb anyone that would like to add to it...
  4. The latest Soldier Magazine indicates a move to Germany, probably towards 2008/09!
  5. Latest I heard was that 8th Waggon Train were moving to PRB to take over from 6 Sup. 64 Sqn are the best lot to ask because if they're moving then 8 is staying put and vice versa.

    As for 7 Regt who gives a sh*t, they'll be too busy cleaning the Bde Comds toilets, or any other jobs that the heirachy can volunteer them for.
  6. that was plan B and has changed, i believe we're on at least C(i) now. RAF innsbruck (sp?) is my guess?
  7. Now that the RAF have moved out of RAF Stafford, the Army has now taken over.

    This seems like an ideal place to move a new RLC Regt into.

    Anyone got any ideas.
  8. If they did it certainly wouldnt be to Portsmouth Bks I visited a couple of years back and the camp had been flattened with the exception of the accomodation blocks they had been turned into luxury apartments, which is ironic considering the sh1tholes that the blocks used to be. But oh the fun we had???????
  9. I would have thought that Leeming is off the list, since the RAF are moving all of their comms units there...

    See here
  10. Actually thinking about this...

    There will soon be space at Fally, when the tankies come home... so the brigade LSR could move there to be with its brigade...

    Assuming other squadrons move to Catterick with 4 brigade's LSR, that would presumably leave room at PRB for 102 to colocate 8?
  11. So have they got their jumpers yet?
  12. Perhaps there is some truth in the rumour posted "up top"...

    According to the Catterick Garrison Long-Term Development Plan, Catterick will become home to "one full Mechanized Brigade and one Logistics Brigade together with some support and lodger units"

    I guess that Log Bde will be 102?
  13. Oi... I fcukin care my new LOA rate depends on their location...By the way lookin forward to the BBQ.... I will obviously make a cnut of myself on day one of my new job!!! Any jobs at 24? Just checking before the BBQ.
  14. 8 REGT are moving to munster in 2008
  15. The new RSM told me it's Munster.......