8 out of 10 people in Barking ARE barking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. We're very lucky that none of the other political parties would lie to get elected, at least THEY'RE all honest eh :roll:
  2. Yes but he believes the lies and doesn't mind spreading them either.

    I wonder when he'll ride in and add his intellectual weight to the argument?

    Ok, I wonder when he'll ride in and just get up people's noses?
  3. If its in the papers it must be true then??
    Just like New Labours the NHS is safe in our hands , tough on crime , tough on the causes of crime , we have immigration under control , unemployment is very low , inflation is very low....
    Their all lieing b.........
  4. Yes. And luckily in the real world, there is black, white, shades of grey and degrees of honesty and dishonesty. Oh and the front page picture complete with Nazi salutes sort of says it all, don't you think??
  5. All what is written there can also be applied to all political partys Quote" The BNP will sometimes take half a fact & build on it. Its very cleverly worded" un quote. Is,nt that true for the lot of em ?? They are ALL fcuking liars. I may not hold sway with the BNP but I feel they have every right to be in existance. The media have gone into overdrive on the BNP in the past week & all this is just giving them unpresedented publicity. A vote for the BNP is effectively voting labour back in. Who are the real instigators in all this ???? I think I know.

    Regards LT.
  6. Even Bliar and his lies are better than the BNP lies, at least they are lies you can't depend on.
  7. So if those were all new Labour lies we are to congratulate the BNP on not having mentioned these policies at ny time in their campaign?

    Tell me:

    What is the BNP policy on, NHS, Crime,, unemployment, inflation?

    Let me guess the eradication of the non white fraternity will solve all these problems?

  8. All the BNP policies are clear and in black and white.

    Whose fault is it?
    Not the whites.

    Hitler would have been proud of this though slightly pished off that somebody is nicking all his ideas.
  9. Correct. There was an application for an £18m Mosque and 'community centre' in Dudley , 1000+ locals objected as did a number of Dudley councillors including the LD leader Dave Tyler , as quite frankly , the original plans and funding requested were outrageous. Planning application was withdrawn. As far as I am aware, there has not been a re-submittal. Dudley council also made plain that any objections to a future proposal were to be allowed to continue to be submitted.
  10. Got to say, as much as I hate the BNP, they are rather more honest in their attitudes to race and immigration than a lot of parties, who at a local levels do have a habit of exacerbating racial tensions for the quest for votes :roll:
  11. Yeah. Y'know where y'are with the BNP. It's refreshing to see that kind of honesty, even if the reasons for it are ill-advised and a bit backward (immigration having been a great bonus to this country since the war). I do agree that the race card is employed by all parties at local level to varying degrees - that's what slimey politicians get up to, including the BNP. But isn't it unfortunate that BNP supporters are Nazi sympathising hooligans who let the leadership down with their Nazi posturing and do a great disservice to the leadership's 'honest quest' for public office? :roll:
  12. No, the leadership are t.wats, their candidates and party members are buffoons but many of their recent supporters are misguided imho - But at least with the BNP, you know, straight away that you are dealing with racists.
  13. Digressing a little off thread but, simply through an accident of geography, poor old Dagenham seems to get an equally bad press... being one tube stop short of Barking! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: