8 Months for 110mph +

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Closet_Jibber, May 13, 2008.

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  1. 8 bloody Months.

    Little sh1t

    Well Whoopdy do. That'll stop him re offending.

    I mean are they really that stupid to believe that this little toe rag will be a good citizen one day when he has obviously been driving illegally for some time to put on a show like that.

    Eight Months... That'll learn em!
  2. Hope he gets stuck in a cell with someone who likes him so much he will be scared to pass wind let alone sleep with both eyes closed
  3. Cut his hand off. That will learn him and keep him from driving.

    But seriously, he should be banned from ever having a licence in his life.
  4. 8? he will be out in 4.
  5. Out in four or less.

    Only hope he copies the scumbag who managed to write himself off a couple of months back by wrapping stolen car sideways round a tree. Really quite shocked and upset about the damage to that tree.
  6. It´d be worth the insurance premium if he had "merged as one, with the dash board".

    This is why we need Chinnooks, with grappleing hooks and magnets. Capture the car, then deposit the car and scum occupants (thieves) in to the North Sea.
  7. I rather doubt that scum like this are ever going to bother getting insurance, let alone worry about how this conviction is going to affect his premiums when he won't bother paying anyway.

    As for banning him from driving, the fact he didn't have a licence (or insurance) didn't stop him from driving this time. By the time he's 17 and eligible for a licence, his conviction will have lapsed anyway.

    Bets bet is to enourage him into politics, at least that way we can keep all the criminals in one place
  8. Im reasonably sure having the political will to fit Miniguns to police pursuit vehicles would help.

    I was already told we cant have apaches - too aggressive, cost a lot- you could run thousands of citizen focus diversity management courses for that!
  9. I agree with that, but then the little cunt will only steal an automatic, on the other hand :wink: he will only do that once as well.

    He didn't give a fuck when he stole this motor, why would he give a fuck when he is of legal driving age?
  10. Through briliant foresight, they have taken officers off the street who could have noticed a stolen/unregistered vehicle and now rely on some DVLA computer to pick up on people already in the system.
  11. That'll learn em to p iss around with his pocket money!! :D
  12. If he is never legally allowed to drive for his whole life, it might give others some pause for thought.

    This kid should also be whipped in the high street with 3 core flex..... with knots tied in to it.
  13. I hope his parents/guardian gives him such a beating he will never entertain thoughts of pilfering again. Oh wait. You aren't allowed to discipline your child anymore.

    I guess harsh words are in order then.
  14. I'm suprised he got a custodial at all to be, sadly, honest.

    He's probably had a huge amount of refferal orders, enhanced thinking courses (i kid you not), community punishment orders etc etc. They've got to be right little sh!ts before they get youth detention.

    One little cnut on my old area coughed to over 100+ thefts from motor vehicles (charged with 5 with the rest taken into consideration - ie ignored) and that was by far a long way from his 1st offence, and he got a referall order.
  15. Name & shame the little fecker! Put bill board posters all over the local town of him . Oh bugger just realised thats against his 'human rights'.