8 million tenents at risk under tories plan

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hitback, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I have just read the following article. If what it's stating is true then we can expect an increase in crime (due to hardship) and homelessness. The Tories sold off council housing many years ago and failed to build new ones. They sold of armed forces housing for a pittance to a private company in-which several people have become very rich...!

    I have requested my MP to confirm these aligations and the housing direction in which the Tories are going. Please do the same by asking your MP about this matter.


  2. Article sourced from where?
  3. Well they`ll have to overhaul the housing benefit system as well or the increased rent will end up being paid by the state for those on low incomes, or hadn`t they thought of that.
    Part of the welfare problem is that the cost of basics such as housing and rates are so high. I did a comparison a while back and compared what my parents were paying for a council flat back in 1963. Their rent and rates (including water) was about 25% of the weekly wage of a lorry driver , nowadays it would be just under 50% of their weekly wage. Mine is actually over 50% if you take into account water costs.
    Back in the `60s my parents went out twice a week to the pub, ran a car less than ten years old which they bought outright and still managed to put away savings for a deposit on a mortgage, whilst bringing up a child. They`ve never claimed benefits of any kind. In a recent conversation with them they said that they would struggle in the same circumstances these days.
    The part I do agree with is the tenancy agreement, its far too difficult to get scum removed from housing which they don`t deserve, so the rolling two month agreement should make it easier to throw them out into the gutter where they belong.
  4. A Labour Party conference speech four months ago.
    Didn't take long to find it...
    It came from John Healey, Minister of State for Housing.

    The relevant quote from the speech is....

    And what of the Tories?

    They don’t believe in building affordable homes.

    Their council leaders describe them as “barracks for the poor”.

    Their shadow minister tells Tory councils to block planning for new homes.

    This is what they say now, in public before the election. What they plan in secret is even more serious.

    Forced by FoI, we now have the record and names from these discussions.

    I quote:

    “The priorities identified were:

    Equalise rents between sectors

    Create one form of rented tenure using the assured shorthold tenancy

    The private rented sector needs to be cultivated.”

    Conference, these are the conclusions of:

    Four Tory council leaders, two deputies to the London mayor and the shadow housing minister.

    Secret plans that would double or triple rents for 8 million people in council or housing association homes, and put their homes on the line with two months notice.

    If I am wrong, David Cameron can say so. But he won’t.

    I challenged him two months ago, and two weeks ago.

    I’m now publishing my letters, and I challenge him again today to come clean.

    He owes council or housing association tenants the truth about the Tories plans.

    There are two faces of the Tory Party.

    The spin, the smiles, the soft words of the Leader, frontman for a fresh Conservative brand.

    The harsh ideas and harsh ideology of those behind him; uncompromising, uncaring, unchanging.
  5. Thank you for that. I was trying to get the link before the door went.

    It's very serious stuff and a lot of people will suffer under their draconian plans.
  6. Heaven forbid people should have to pay for where they live.
  7. So Labour say, and we all know how truthful they are.
  8. So it's the Tories fault that no council houses have been built? Remind me who has been in Government for the last 12 years....... :roll:
  9. Shhhh - It was Maggie who done it!
  10. Not that I actually care, like lots of people I pay a mortgage and entirely fund my house out of my own pocket, but is there any evidence for this "secret Tory plan" other than Labour Party propaganda?

    All that appears to be presented here is an accusation from Labour and no statement of intent at all from the Conservatives
  11. The quote says "equalise rents". Doesn't state that must be upward.
    Also it says "one form of rent tenure", but that is based on assured shorthold tenancy.

    I see no reason YET to get upset about this.
  12. I live in a coucil house and i pay my rent, so your point is?
  13. Lets wait and see if Mr Cameron steps forward to explain these plans. I don't care which party says what but I do care about the bigger picture. Low income families have the right to housing, it's a need for life not a nice to have. Do any of the polical parties tell the truth? Lets look at all their accounts and claims over the years?

    Those gate catchers on there trying to put down the importance of this matter with their spin towards the Conservative Party, go away a leave those reading the site to make up their own minds.

    By the way new homes have been requested in and around my local area for some time only to be refused by the Conservative MP and Conservative lead Council. Ploitics is a little bigger than waving ones finger..

    Thank you
  14. It always amuses me how the Tories have been blamed for selling off Coucil Houses (true) but for not building more? They haven't been in power for the last 13 years so how can that be their fault.
    You're just, very naively, falling for the age-old Labour tactic of scaremongering: If the Tories get in they'll disband the NHS, they'll close all the schools, they'll shoot all 3rd born and subsequent children etc etc etc.
    Tory think tanks are there to examine every option possible, whether workable, popular or whatever. They mull over all the possible options and the party pick out the better ones and maybe run with them if they are able.
    It's a bit like posting a thread on ARRSE, everyone will give you an opinion from the sensible to the ridiculous, it doesn't make that official Army policy or even official ARRSE policy.
    If Cameron was to publicly comment on these ideas then it would give them more substance and credibility than they deserve. They're loony think tank ideas and most people can see that. Don't believe every pamphlet originating from Labour HQ or you might start believing that Gordon Brown is the World's saviour.
  15. I'll ask again, is there any evidence to support any of this?