8 Foot Wall

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jaygee, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Good evening all, a question for you. After my RCB Breifing, i was told that all was well apart from the fact that I didnt get over the wall. Its a knacker, and i really want to be able to nail it before my main board, in October. Any tips or pointers on how to do this, bearing in mind that i have looked for a wall to practice, but have returned wall-less!
  2. six foot ladder
  3. Unfortunatley won't be able to fit it into my bag when i go to the board!
  4. I'll get my coat!
  5. You could always use the lady steps.

    Failing that take a long run up and get your elbows on the top of the wall then scramble like feck keeping your elbows locked in and pull up.

    Alternatively work alot on your upper body strenghth by working on press ups and pull ups.
    I cant see there being a knack to it really. Just determination and strength.
    Good luck on the RCB
  6. Cheers...the wall we did didnt have the "lady steps". I tried scrambling like feck aswell, but dropped off, and then when i had the second pop, felt completely sapped! Suggested programme for upper body strength..bearing in mind i have a fair while.??
  7. It helps to be taller of course but if you can grab the top of the wall, bend your knees as much as you can and pull yourself up as you jump. Be careful though, I saw a guy rip his fingernail out doing this. Pull ups help you strengthen the required muscles but if you can't do them do reverse pull ups by jumping into the "up" position and very slowly lowering yourself.
  8. Plant a foot against the wall at mid thigh height as you sprint toward it at full pelt. As you go upwards aim to reach up and over the wall. Then just scurry your feet against the boards like Feck.

    Once your shoulders are on the top of the wall try and get your ankle onto the top of the wall and collapse onto the other side, no point wearing out your arms when your legs are so much stronger.
  9. There must be a suitable wall you can practice on somewhere in your area.
    Be aware that you may be mistaken for a burglar though!
  10. It would be quite simple to build the upper body strenght. Im no expert but the way I built mine up was by firstly settin a time limit of two minutes and seeing how many press ups i could do in that time.
    You dont want to knacker yourself out just build up gradually so, half your total and the next day do that amount twice a day for two weeks. After the two weeks are up try doing the origonal total twice a day for another two weeks. Time yourself again and you should see a noticable difference. Repeat process again after 3 days rest. again you dont want to over exert yourself.
    As for pull ups, see how many you can do before your shoulders feel like they are about to pop out and record how many you did. But time yourself.
    Check your time and record it. For one week complete the amount of pull ups you did on the first count. At the end of the week time yourself again. You should see a reduction in time. The following week up the amount of pulls by two and repeat process.
    Make sure you do the excersises at different times of the day if possible. for example press ups when you wake and before you sleep, and pull ups around dinner time. If you are carrying out a programme for other levels of fitness these should fit in ok
    Hope that helps!
  11. I think this is good advice on 'the knack' bit. Although I personally don't put a foot on the wall when jumping upwards. I'm a lanky fecker though so I can just deploy my go go gadget legs and just about reach the top of the wall and pull myself up. But thats a personal preference.

    The other thing I'd add is that before trying to get your ankle to the top of the wall make sure your shoulders are already fully over the wall. That way you'll not be resting on your arms while raising your ankle and slowly losing strength.

    Also, do try to get it done first time. The worst thing that can happen is a half-hearted attempt failing as that wastes time and energy.

    Take up rock climbing!

  12. Depending where you live, ask the local army camp to use the assault course in the evening.

    You may be lucky and get advice from a PTI as well.
  13. Just my two pence...

    DONT take up rock climbing, You are more susceptible to injury playing around with gravity and heights than doing press ups at an arms distance from the floor.
    Im on crutches at present as I thought that weekly trips to the climbing wall would be less of a bore and more attractive than weekly trips to the gym. Im now injured and have RCB in a few weeks. Save your exciting Physical training for after RCB. Getting damaged now isnt going to help.

    I fully agree with giving it 110% on the first attempt. If you feel yourself losing strength dont drop off and try again. You'll be knackered and not be able to muster the same energy a second time.

    Just imagine that your future in the forces lies in being able to get over that wall this once. - That seems to work for me when trying to give max effort at pressups situps or anything else that is involved in the Westbury process!

    Best of luck, remember that almost everything at Westbury is a mental challenge not a physical one.
  14. Watch lots of Jackie Chan videos. With the right technique, you'll only need your arms to stop your face smashing into the floor on the other side.

    On a serious note, when I was a recruit there was a bloke who attacked the 12' wall in the same way as Jackie Chan does in films. Ran full pelt, left foot on wall and push upwards while bending left knee, right foot on wall and push upwards with that. Hit the wall with his goolies and flopped across, finishing with a forward roll on the other side. It was very impressive - except that he was first man and had to come back to sit on the wall to help the rest of us up.
  15. Fair enough....



    (kidding and hope you are sorted for RCB)