7th Regiment of Dragoon Guards

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RCSignals, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. I was plugging in family names to see what might come up. A piece from the War Office 17 Nov 1854 did.
    Mentions an RSM D**** S******* being appointed Quartermaster, and Curnet (Curnot?) without purchase. Then Curnet D**** S******* to be Adjutant.

    I can't find what a Curnet is? (a rank of some sort) Anyone know?
  2. It's a 'Cornet' - the junior subaltern in the Regiment.

    QRH still have this appointment, and there are bound to be others.
  3. Cornet. 2nd Lieutenant in a Cavalry regiment.
  4. A Cornet is a popular brand of ice cream. But also the junior commissioned rank of cavalry officer in days gone by.
  5. OK that makes sense, and what I thought. The print which is an actual copy of the War Department announcements though, does actually spell it Curnet. Probably an old spelling.
  6. Before making the first post I did some searches using different spellings, but nothing relevant came up.
    Now of course a search for Cornet does. It looks like in 1854 it was 'worth' £840.

    Also, as most of you already know:

  7. Sometimes a Warrent Officer could be commissioned without having to purchase it. Some commissioned appointments were reserved for commissionedWarrent ofificers - Quartermaster and Riding Mster. But some seem to have joined as "Regimental Officers. For example, William Robertson jopinedthe Hussars as a trooper in the 1870s. After ten years he was was commissioned as a Cornet from WO2. He then went on to a distinguished career rising to become CIGS and FieldMarshal.

    I don't think it would be possible for anyone to follow that career path now in these supposedly more eglatarian times..
  8. That is unfortunate. Sometimes 'modernisation', is stifling.