7th (Parachute) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

Ok guys,

Hope this is the right place. Ok i've done my barb got 76 and my ca has given me all the trades he thinks i'd be good at. Now i'm really interested in light gun (he wants to steer me away from it but anyhoo). I've been researching the different regiments and stumbled upon 7th para rha and i'm really liking the idea! What I was wondering and hope you guys can help, is it a bit silly for me (28 years old) to be setting my sights on this regiment? I'm really liking the idea but obviously it being an elite group, is it really hard to get a shot at it?

Any help would be excellent, Cheers guys
Good choice number one is choosing the Royal Regiment

Good choice number two is looking at a good regiment

I have 2 bits of advice

1. Although I won't say forget guns, I advise you to look at the other trades on offer, 76 is a very good score well done. The great thing about the RA is the wide array of roles all with a combat leaning. Check out 5 Regt RA and 32 Regt RA as well for roles

2. Have a look at 29 Commando as well, they have a very good website that gives you the low down on roles within

Again well done and welcome
Cheers wellyhead,

Thanks for the info and I'll check out the regiments you mentioned, thanks for the advice. Pretty new to all this and a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice of trades and roles but muddling my way through it.

Cheers again and thanks for the welcome :D