7th Battalion the Rifles in Reading

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ColdRed, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Ive been thinking about applying for a while and i have been doing lots of background reading about the TA

    One of my local TA Barracks is in Reading, anyone else here from that Regiment? I was due to go along tonight and have a look around and a chat but events conspired against me so have had to postpone till next week.

    I cant seem to find too much info as to what roles are available in Reading or surrounding areas, can anyone shed any light on this for me? Apologies if i have missed a obvious web page etc.

    Finally im currently 31 and have no military experience, does my age effect what roles i can go for?

    Thanks for any info and help guys.
  2. Reading is HQ Coy so have drivers, signallers, chefs, assault pioneers. If you want to do proper infantry soldiering go to A Coy in Abingdon. At your age there is no restriction on what you can do. Hope this helps
  3. I was kinda thinking about Infantry but abingdon is quite far from me as im living in Maidenhead.

    What options are available at Windsor?
  4. Royal Signals in Windsor there used to be a detachment of 7 rifles in High Wycombe not sure if it is still there now
  5. You will do 'proper infantry' work and plenty of it in signals. Get along to Brock next Tuesday and find out for yourself.
  6. As you've access to the M4 near Maidenhead, have a think about B Coy, 4 PARA - one of its locations in London is White City and that's accessible to you from the M4 then A4, turning off at Hammersmith. Certainly, many of the blokes who attend there travel a similar distance to you. The website address is www.4para.co.uk and there are regular recruiting presentation evenings held there.
  7. If you're tough enough, you could apply to the RMR - they have a unit in Henley.

    I would join RMR but travel time is an issue (I live in central Reading).
  8. Im considering travelling to Oxford and having a look at "A Company 7th Battalion The Rifles Regiment" it isnt too far up the m40 for me.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Join your local (aka nearest) unit ;)

  10. Fibber.
  11. F Company 7 Rifles are in Mayfair. 0207 629 3674. Infantry Company.
  12. A Coy is no longer in Oxford; they moved to Abingdon six months ago but, as stated by a previous poster, they also have a detachment in High Wycombe which you can see (just) from the M40.

    Hope this helps,
  13. As previously stated, A Coy 7 Rifles is in Edward Brooks Barracks in Abbingdon, they also have a Platoon in High Wycombe.

    Pop along and see how you get on with them.