7th Armoued PBI?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. I wouldn't get too excited, 7th Armoured Bde is only the most recent incarnation of what was the 7th Armd Div, at least its staying as a Bde. The Army is changing, and teary eyed remniscing about 'tank crews' not wearing the red rat doesn't help. Yes its sad, but what about all the other Armd Bdes who are/have lost their armour? They're only bringing the Desert Rats up as its probably the only unit the general public might have actually heard of, and I bet if you asked them what they did or where they are they couldn't answer you. There was a simiar story about 617 Sqn staying open (along with a few paragraphs describing the Dambusters).

    I served in 7 Bde, and I loved every minute of it so I'm sad to see Hohne close. But we are where we are, if the economy hadn't been screwed up BFG would probably be in existence for a long time yet.
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  2. ^ What he said. Let's face it, it's not a huge surprise really. Less money and no active role for armour, sad though it is.
    Times, they are a-changing.
  3. Usual Telegraph defence drivel; nothing to see, move on...
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  4. In its original formation as part of 7th Division it had a green jerboa, not a red one, and was disbanded at the end of WWII, with 22 Bde being redesignated as 7th Armoured Bde.

    7th Armoured Brigade has been moved changed and name changed several times since taking over the desert rat insignia from 7th Armoured Division (late 50's IIRC), including being Task Force Alpha for some time. The units that have composed the Brigade have also changed significantly, and are not the same units that formed the famed Desert Rats (i.e 7th Armoured Division) - Although some of them probably have North Africa Battle honours, as they may well have been part of 7 Armd Div, some of them won't have.

    Trying to claim that the 7th armoured brigade in it's current configuration is the same unit as the Desert Rats that fought under Monty is a bit of a "Trigger's Broom" claim.
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  5. Aye, "heavy mobility" role for us now as part of a "Reaction Force" or some such.

    Haven't been armoured in years anyway.
  6. But Hohne was only a base, not home to HQ 7 Armd Bde. During the 70s, 11 Armoured Brigade units were stationed in Hohne before 22 Armd Bde, whilst 7 Armd Bde was stationed in Soltau until the 1990s. It was also a Task Force HQ with no affiliation to The Desert Rats until it was re-formed as an Armoured Brigade in the 80s.

    The Desert Rat symbol was only re-introduced en-masse for Gulf War 1 in 1990/91, and formation flashes that were worn universally in BAOR disappeared during the early seventies, only to re-emerge after the Gulf War.

    Let us not also forget that 12 Armd Brigade in Osnabruck, was originally a Mechanised Brigade.
  7. Nail. Head. Hit.
    Hang around long enough and the Army will change/disband/amalgamate everything given half the chance. I think the Telegraph were banging on about 'The Desert Rats' as if they were the same troops and units that made up the force in El Alamain. The 'Trigger's Broom' analagy was spot on.

    And 4th Armd, now Mech, soon to be Inf.

    HQ 7XX is still standing derelict in Soltau (well it was in 2007!), I dread to think what'll happen to Bergen once we pull out (not that its anything special now...)
  8. No money for our Tanks! but money to send armored vehicles to Syria?
    Which country is our government supposed to be serving?
  9. A few of our lads (11H) revisited Hohne a couple of years ago.They were bewildered when shown Tank Park bereft of Tanks.PS This is not a criticism of the lads there now.
  10. Seems it might affect the Paras as well.

    "After tank regiments lose their tanks, I have bad news for the Parachute Regiment".

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  11. You could say the same of any formation HQ, or for that matter any of the RAF's squadrons.

    It is a touch ironic that the announcement of 7XX followed a few days after the "Saving of 617 squadron" whose only connection with Guy Gibson is the squadron crest.

    But that aside, I'm puzzled by the (dare I use the word, in the context of the MoD) logic of maintaining the 12XX or 20XX numberplate at the expense of 7XX although I have no affiliation to either.
  12. Exactly my point.

    The History of the British Armed Forces is one of continual change, amalgamations and resubordination of units, in the context of a changing political and social landscape . My point applies equally to any of the Royal Navy ships that have been given a historical name, or any of the RAF squadrons that have maintained a name of a historical one. I am not however saying that historical connections are a bad thing, only that the actual connection needs to be seen for what it really is.

    The history of British Army Regiments in particular is like one of those rock bands from the sixties that has no one left from the original line-up but still claims to be the same band (Starship or Hawkwind spring to mind).

    Whilst the demise of anything historical is sad (as it denotes a loss of some of our heritage), particularly when the regiment, squadron or ship has a connection to a particular event in our history, it must be seen in the context of what has been a continual process of change. Indeed, if there is anything that could be said to be a continuous thread throughout the British Armed forces it is that we have never been without change for long!

    What maintains tradition is the use of "Golden Threads", such as regimental (squadron or ship) crests, use of particular patterns of dress, names of ranks, - As has been particularly well managed in the Rifles. On that point 7X will maintain the red rat, but not their tanks - a good use of the golden thread concept.
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