7R Medical

Question is this doc clerk mails me to inform me i have to book in with the med centre for a 7R medical which i have to have every 6 months WHAT IS THIS 7R MEDICAL?
Raised hemidiaphragm
Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
Rectus abdominis
Reiter syndrome
Rochalimaea quintana
Runny nose
Reading retardation
There is no such thing as a 7R medical. Either you were misinformed or misheard what was said. P7R is a reduced medical category that limits your ability to train and would stop you deploying outside the UK. Do you have an persistent injury or illness at the moment? In this case, the medical could be to downgrade you, upgrade you (to P2 or P3) or confirm your current medical category.

If it isn't this, then I'm out of ideas.

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