7mm/.284" Round-nosed bullets wanted...

in return for money.

A pal over in Oregon last month gave me a couple of dozen very old round-nosed 175gr bullets with a nickel jacket to try in my 1897 carbine. Having a very long bearing surface, unlike a more modern spitzer design, we both opined that they might be more accurate in the carbine, which historically was known to have a slightly larger than .284" bore. They shot far better than my usual fare, so now I'm on the lookout for any more.

I know that there are soft-point bullets of this type to be had, but being a paper-puncher, that means I can't have them.

So if any of you hoarders out there have any of these older-style bullets, let me know if you want to move them on to a caring and deserving home.


Do you really want Nickel jacketed boolits?

Once (and just the once) put some Nickel jackets through my 98K.

Absolute sod in terms of metallic fouling and getting it out was a nightmare
Well, Sir, that's all I've seen, TBH. My old 6.5 Swedish Mauser milsurp bullets are also nickel jacketed, as are another batch of original DWM 7x57 cartridges in my pathetic little collection.

Nosler used to make a copper jacleted bullet, but they disappeared a few years back, and in all the gun shows I've haunted in the last ten years or more in the PNW, I've not seen any more.

My old pal Jannie de Vries is very keen to shoot a real Boer carbine, just like the one his great-grandfather used at Spion Kop a while back and with the proper bullet...

Are they really nickel jacketed? I've a number of specimens of old (MkVI and earlier) .303 and they have much shineier bullets than the modern stuff. They "look" like they have a higher nickel content although I don't know the composition.
You could try these guys:

BES products

I know they make round nosed Mk6 .303 FMJ, so they have the technology.. the problem is the swaging dies are very expensive and are not really worth it for short runs...

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