79C Reunion

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. On Sep 11 this year, it will be 30 years since the finest intake EVER to enter the gates on Pennypot Lane.....

    I was thinking if any of the elite (not including those in jail) would like to get together somewhere for sh1ts and giggles. Depending on interest, it could be an RV in a pub, all the way up to a proper hoolie.

    Thoughts from the blessed?
  2. 79C ?!

    Effin Sprogs !!

    Good luck with that anyway !
  3. could be good
  4. 72C was the chosen few
  5. Count me in....
  6. I thought what the fcuk! why the 11th, then it hit me, the 11th eh! that'll be 30years to the day! Has anyone took control, I personally will be at the DSEi in London but could make the evening! Ex- Scott Sqn 79C, one of many sins!
  7. I was going to do the sprog line and then noticed I had been beaten to it!
    If it get off the ground, I hope you have a great session.
  8. Hey Slip, thanks for that, i've suffered it for years! i had a mate who claimed he was there in the late 60's - would always ask me what did my number start with? - Do you know what the worst thing about it is - i'm still serving! if i get to September thats 30yrs in uniform! A lifer at last....
    regards Trench
  9. Well...... nothing planned as yet, as the take up is slack.

    I work in London so if anyone out there wants to RV in Londinium, then PM me.....
  10. T-M,
    Come back when you have got some time in! :wink: