79-year-old on active duty

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Rick on FP Old soldiers don’t even fade away anymore: a 79-year-old on active duty
    Was medically discharged from the Corps nearly 60 years ago. More here. Remarkable man.
  2. Good man.
  3. If he can do the job then why not?

    Good man!
  4. Love the comment...

    homo superior
    Is the Col. available as a sperm donor?
  5. Erm... Is "Don't ask don't tell" in order? :)
  6. [quote="alib"[/quote]Was medically discharged from the Corps nearly 60 years ago. [/quote]

    Marine Corps training and values showing through again! :D
  7. My cousin was a medical Cdr USN - during Granby / Desert Shield / GW1, she was in Washington DC (before joining USNS Mercy) - and was admin for a lot of the old'n'bold, USN and USMC, being recalled. At the time, most of them were getting through all of the checks and then, when the clerks fed the results in to the computer, they were being rejected as a medical fail.

    In the end, they just added 20 years to the birth-dates, to make the IT work.
  8. Good for him!! Surgery is one area where experience is very useful and he must have seen everything at least once.

    I have read several articles in the past year about older docs with prior service going back in to serve again. I know that a doc from my area went back in in has late 60's. He was a trauma surgeon. Probably more satisfying to patch up soldiers than at home packing up gang members and drug dealers. It is also a very sensible use of manpower.
  9. Yeah, pretty random but made me chuckle too.

    Good for him though, what an achievement to be on active service at his time in life, no doubt he has invaluable skills though which will benefit so many people out there!
  10. Top guy