79 Railway Squadron - BAOR Ambulance Train

I am try to do a little research on the 4 (i think) BAOR Ambulance Trains.

Brief history,

How many, and type of carriages.

Staffing of the train - RAMC, QARANC, RCT etc

Any pictures?

I have only just started, and intend to edit a page on BAOR-Locations with details

Below is one of the carrages spotted in Germany last year awaiting scraping.
The only info I have on Ambulance trains is from WW1,sorry


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oscar1whisky said:
I slept on one of them once, parked on Emden docks before GW1.
Same as, until we gpt moved onto the LSL parked up in the docks.
I was with 332 Ambulance Train RAMC(v) 86-87 prior to joining regs, have a few pics of both TA (RAMC, QARANC) personnel and some 79 Rwy Sqn personnel plus pics of the trains "in action" as it were, carrying casualties during exercises. Unfortunately at the moment I've got no internet at home so you'll have to wait til I'm back on the net before I can post them up.

I couldn't tell you how many carriages, etc, varied each time out. The orderly office was in the baggage carriage, the dining carriage looked like something off the Orient Express, passenger carriages were stripped of seats and there were poles with brackets to hold the stretchers. Staff accommodation was in first class carriages that looked like the ones used on the Hogwarts Express :) the backs of the seats could be raised up so that you ended up with three bunks either side of the compartment. I usually ended up on the top bunk which was great fun until some joker slammed the brakes on :roll: :lol:

After spending a week on the train, walking on terra firma was a lot harder than you remembered!

If you are on Facebook, there is a 79 Railway Squadron group, might be worth putting a message on there.
Thanks GM, I look forward to seeing them

I have started a Web Page at BAOR-Locations with some pictures of one of the carrages as it looks now, and would like to expand on the history

I was at 79 Railway Sqn RCT 1977 to 1986

The coaching stock was stored at South Park and at times North Parks, Ayrshire Barracks. (and other locations depending on the exercise season, i.e. Wildenrath, Bruggen, etc. (The sqn had mobile accm for exercises plus Fitted Guards Vans).

The coaching stock/trains consisted of various coaches, namely; (From memory).

Utility coach X3(?) I believe; ex American stock delivered to the Sqn in the 1980's, these were self contained heating and electrical supply coaches conplete with 2(?) steam boilers (same boiler as the DB216Loco) and a diesel genny. These had there own crew room/bunks and a large storage area.

1x staff coach complete with bunks for the Officers and a conferenace room (very comfy & the only way to travel) not marked up with red crosses as it was also part of the Berlin Probe Train (ex Live Oak). The DB 216 Drivers were normally guarenteed a double bunk.

Ambulance Casulity Coach, (lots of, 48 I think?) couchetts in threes down each side, the bottom two could be converted to carry sitting/walking wounded, the top bunk was always lying down wounded. each coach had a doctors/treatment room and a self contained coal boiler room, toilets/wash room.

Later Casulities Coach (12), these were ex DB stock converted with frames to take a field stretcher again in threes. (Not popular with the REME ASM after the time the floor of one rusted through and stretcher frames all twisted up).

Kitchen Dinner (3)

These had diesel burners/ovens which atomised diesel to cook with, made No1 burners look like toys. They were later converted to bottled gas. The first one converted caught fire just after it had been converted (1984 or 1981) on the ex Live Oak, the pipe work had not been sealed correctly and flames were coming out from under the stove.
The only way to fight the fire was by me putting a crow bar under the very expensive top and ripping it off and the OC 'Major T' knocking the flames down with a BCF/CO2 extinguisher. A lot of damaged done and a lot of embrassed faces.

They had a seating and tabled area and were very comfy, a bar was set up in these from the store room.

They had under slung gennies as did the staff coach.

All the coaches had large battery compartment taking nickle cad batteries (some coaches had been converted to take 100ah lead acid chieftan batteries). The batteries were the coaching stock weakest point. In 1980 I had converted an old building to be a battery shop, it was a bit Heath Robinson using chargers from box bodies but I could only charge and store one type of battery at any one time. (The Nickle cad batteries were bloody heavy).

The trains would have walk through DB parcel type vans attached for stores etc.

Go onto the Friends Reunited website as I believe some of the lads took lots of photos of the stock namely Jez F and Burt (Dave).

I am sad to see the state they are in as many hours were spent on cleaning and preping them for exercises.

They were all manufactored in the 1950's, so 20+ years old when I was playing with them.
spike7451 said:
The's a locamotive parked at Javalin Bks/RAF Bruggen.
This locomotive is a Deutz 225 (approx 225hp), 0-4-0, 4 cylinder, V block engine, 2 stroke diesel, compressed air start, built in the 1950's.

Two were based at Gutersloh, One at Bruggen, One at MG, One at Wetter, One at the RE's depot at Willich.

The Germany Air Force had some of these at Wunsdorf.
For additional info;

The coaches were painted in Dark Brunswick Green with Light Battleship Grey roofs and Black running gear/frames.

All coaches less the ex Live Oak probe train allocated stock displayed red crosses on the sides and roofs.
Finally got round to doing this.
1. Trains at 79 Rwy Sqn
Ambulance Trains.jpg

2. Baggage car (stores/CP)

3. Corridor leading to couchettes

4.Dining car

5. At the sidings in Munster, waiting for arrival of casualties
Munster sidings.jpg

More to follow.
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train casualties.jpg
the "ward"

train casualties.jpg
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Finally got round to doing this.
1. Dining car
2. Corridor leading to couchettes
3. Trains at 79 Rwy Sqn
4. Baggage car (supplies/CP)
5. At the sidings in Munster, waiting for arrival of casualties

More to follow.
Photo 1; Kitchen Diner (old version) the one that had been updated had bench seats/rectangled tables,
Photo 2; Kitchen Diner (note the expensive wooden wall panels),
Photo 3, Monchengladbach South Park, HQ 79 Railway Squadron RCT, (mix of coaching stock, the ones with the larger windows were converted DB stock to take strechers only 1980's. The coaches with the smaller windows were the 1950's stock purpose built ambulance coaches).
Photo 4/5; On loan German Railway Coach/Van.

Brings back some memories.


Photo 1; Kitchen Diner (old version) the one that had been updated had bench seats/rectangular tables!

I recognize 2 people in the first photo that were there when I was :)
Cheers GM more memories flooding back :)

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