77 year old special forces (Norway) soldier.......

From an article in a norwegian newspaper some time ago. very roughly translated.

Norwegian Bjorn Bjørnø is not as paratroopers most. He is 77 years old.

The acronym stands for Special Defense Command / Army hunter force.
They have their headquarters in Camp Rena in Åmot.
Special forces are on standby in Norway, but also participate in international operations.
The department has participated in numerous international operations, including the Balkans and Afghanistan.
Armed Forces Special Command was established in 1982 to meet the growing threat of terrorism and the threat against Norwegian oil interests.
Military frogman training (1954) and the Army Parachute School (1962) is regarded as the precursor to today's FSK / HJK.
Norwegian special forces are currently in Kabul and assist with the training of Afghan special police.

Hercules plane roar over Rena. One by one the parachutes opens over the black-dressed elite soldiers of the Armed Forces Special Command / Army hunter force (FSK / HJK).

But one of them stands out. The man with the code name "Bravo Bravo" is present, and probably the world's, oldest paratrooper.

- I'll keep on as long as the health holds. And it will do for a while. One can not get rid of ancient warriors so easily, laughing while he packs the parachute.

Actually the 77-year-old was supposed to retire a long time ago. But he can't.

It's not that Bjørnø hasn't tried. He even went to retirement courses. After arriving by parachute, he began to feel bored. Two hours into the course, he sneaked away. he couldnt take it anymore.

- In this environment it is easy to stay young. The driving force for all of us is the hunting spirit, says Bjørnø.

Now the 77-year-old retiree contract with FSK / HJK and go to work every day. He serves under his third king, and sees several similarities between being a special soldier and active retirement.

And: He thinks exactly the same goes for him as for young people who want to try themselves as elite soldiers of the Armed Forces perhaps the most legendary departments.

- One must have a positive way of thinking. you must have survival instinct. And then train, you get nothing for free, says Bjørnø, who exercise every day.

LEGEND: Nancy Bjørnø has been central to the Norwegian Special Forces community in decades.
The same is said by Col. Eric Kristoffersen, Head of FSK / HJK.

- He has almost everything we were looking for in a special hunter. He has a willingness to resolve all types of missions regardless of condition. He takes all challenges. He has the knowledge, skills, physics, and is a man with a very good attitude, says Kristoffersen.

Bjørnøen military career began in the military diver and scuba school (1954), before he took a parachute course in 1962.

Bjørnø was also central when top-secret military Special Forces Command (FSK) was started in 1982 and was the department's expert on maritime capabilities.

The last 30 years FSK have been making good use of the benefits from Bjørnøen inventions and improvements of equipment on missions all over the world, including Afghanistan.

- Is there anything you particularly remember well from service?

- I can't tell you everything, winks the 77-year-old.

Even after an incredible 6500 skydiving, Bjørnø still gets butterflies Every time he is leaving the aircraft.

It also happened when he was in front of 1100 specialinvited guests from Special Forces community participated in FSK / HJKs 50th anniversary at the Rena.

- The day you no longer know the excitement, it's time to give up, he said.

- And it's not yet?

- No, are you crazy?
Thanks to Vemmi over on milphotos.

Well I feel inadequate.........
"But one of them stands out. The man with the code name "Bravo Bravo" is present, and probably the world's, oldest paratrooper"

Can we swap him with ours please?

Is this the fella?
Think this is him:

NORWAY | Editorial picture agency Felix Features

Bjørn Bjørnø jumping out of airplane with parachute..Ekstremsportveko, The Extremesport Week, is the worlds largest gathering of adrenalin junkies. In the small town of Voss enthusiasts in a varitety of extreme sports come togheter every summer to compete and play.? Fredrik Naumann
COPYRIGHT:Fredrik Naumann / Felix Features

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