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77 year old bloke fights off mugger

My gerbil would batter 'em....

Didn't you hear the bad news........?

You'll have to find another rodent as your minder.



War Hero
I love stories like this. Here in Massachusetts there was similar about a year ago.
Mugger tried to mug a man in his mid-seventies. The mugger had no way of knowing that the old gentleman had been a professional middleweight boxer 50 years earlier. The photo of the muggers face at booking was a thing of beauty.

I think this is the story you mean:

Pictured: The battered and bruised face of a burglar who got on the wrong side of a 72-year-old former boxer

This is what happens when a jumped-up tosser comes face-to-face with an old school toughnut.
Very few of these good news stories, sadly.......

Too many end in getting killed under the stolen car, a punch and hit the deck for a brain bleed, or a few broken ribs leading to pneumonia and death.....

We shouldn't have to end our lives like this, preyed on by shite who should be dangling on the end of a rope.
The old boy was probably en route to the local rugby club, for training with the 3rd XV, after which he would sink a gallon of Nosta Di Bach, and rub deep heat into his scrotum!
Training? For the 3rd XV? Get real. Just turn up with yer shorts, socks and boots. You can "play" for ever..