77 Grand for a Snowman?

Don't know how many hospital cleaners or school books 77,000 pounds might pay for but how stupid can those with free cash be?

THE British taxpayer has paid for Antony Gormley to build a snowman in the Arctic, even though only a few polar bears will see it.
On a six-day expedition last week, while Gormley was busy making a life-sized figure in snow
its Ok though as the artists 'suffered'.

the artists endured “a very cold environment”, with temperatures dipping to -33C (-27F), and noted that they were not paid. They worked 12 hours a day.
6 days to make a snowman for nobody to see.
More money than sense!!

Should have donated it to Sabre's beer fund!
Sabre said:
More money than sense!!

Should have donated it to Sabre's beer fund!
I thought you only drank strawberry milk, Sabre? After what happened last time you tried to drink ..

So glad that I now know the real reason why Greedy Gordon has it away with so much of the meagre pittance that me & Mrs. Nuts try to exist on. :evil:
It is easy to be cynical and sceptical about having such famous artists working together,” he said, “but I assure you not many could have endured such temperatures and continued to produce so much work.”
Excuse me but b0ll0x. My boss just spent last week up there (they were on Svalbard BTW) installing software and stuff for a couple of companies. Yeah the temp is around -25 or so at the moment but whoopeedoo, it's no biggy. Just don't try licking bare metal that's all :lol:

77 grand of someone elses money for a holiday. Nice work if you can get it. :roll:

Whiteread said that she concentrated on the sound and feel of her footsteps on the snow and ice
give me strength .... :roll: :roll: :roll:

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