76 year old US Army doctor in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by DavidBOC, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. proper old war horse
  2. saw that on TV late the other night, considering doing a fifth tour talk about commitment
  3. I was impressed last year when I read of a 59 year old trauma surgeon (from, I think, Maryland) who joined the army for the first time so he could go over and treat soldiers. This guy is even more amazing.
    I should note that this is well above the normal age limits for US officers but waivers can be issued if a person has special ability or skill. Clearly these gentlemen meet that requirement.
  4. Great stuff. Once a soldier always a soldier.
  5. Not entirely true if you look in the '2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal' thread!
  6. He may be 76 but if he wasn't a dustman or a bus conductor he ain't gettin one!
  7. My husband and I take our hats off to this wonderful, caring man. BO get a special medal struck for this man,
  8. Sipovo had a anaesthetist at Brigadier Rank aged nearly ninety, senior NHS specialist. Sporting a SAS Badge, fit as a fiddle was a member of the first IRT helo team in Bosnia. IIRC he saved a few lives of RTC victims. Served in Aden, Mirbat, Ireland and other godforsaken places around the world. There were rumours that he was one of the team doctors for the seventies Everest expedition.

    Often seen in the gym boots, combats and string vest pounding on the running machine putting some of the fat medic female munters to shame.