75th Anniversary of The Great Escape


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Anyone else head to a cinema near you to watch the live broadcast around the UK of the event?

Those d Day Darlings need slapped (and pumped, the big titties mikfs and gilfs that they are), but the lad who did some of the stunts... What a legend... The perils of live broadcasting eh?

For those that missed it, the guy who played Wilkie the Tunnel King was telling the audience how at the premier, his mum was in the audience and shouted out 'Look out Jack!' during the scene where they were pronging the trucks with the tree cuttings.

The old and clearly senile stunt guy then says,
"Well she made a right prick of you, didn't she?"

Tears of laughter all round as Dan Snow hurridley tries to brush over it. Made even sweeter by the fact the guy from the Triumph Experience has to repeat it to the guy who played Wilkie as he too was a bit old and senile.

Good stuff, and it was interesting to see the you get audiences reaction to it. For some reason there were people there who's never seen it before (should be a capital crime no?). Thus version had a few scenes missing though if anyone noticed - such as when the seamstress checks Henley's outfit and he gives her a wink, she gushes and confirms it's RAF uniform.

Anyway, four hours well spent! Anyone else go?
No, wished I had

But I was blissfully unaware, as like most I watch films at home mostly :(


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Some stuttering bellend on radio Lancashire waffling on about it all. Incidentally, met a guy who taught THEM escape and evasion techniques, who together with a certain Major Pat Reid ran lectures for the less adventurous scaleys like my good self.

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