75 Year Old on third GWOT Deployment

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. My my, he is in good shape to still be going off on deployments at 75! Good for him, he is helping and doing his bit, long may he continue to serve! My admiration and respect Doctor!
  3. Fcuk me, if I can still do that when I'm 75, ill be well chuffed.
  4. Way to go, doc!!

    When I joined the USMC in 84, we still had three WW11 vets on active duty, but they were stuck behind desks.
    I hope this man gets all the recognition he deserves.
  5. Good on ya Doc!

    Just goes to show that treating experienced personnel properly, putting them and their skills set where best suited, means they will be more likely to stick around and go that extra mile, or decades in this case, very willingly. MoD/DoD please take note...
  6. That is just awesome. He looks fit as a fiddle!

    Absolutely. People in Western society are living longer, healthier lives than ever before and notions of being "old and useless" at retirement age are being eroded every day. It's criminal waste of resources to shunt aside experienced people because they've hit some mythical number.
  7. I meant the experienced personnel whom by the time they are in their 30s think "fack this for a game of soldiers I'm better off elsewhere" rather than the retirement age issue TY. You are totally right though.
  8. I'd go.
  9. Out on Telic with a bunch of Yanks, there were one or two there that were Vietnam vets. I think Vietnam finished in 1977, so in 2003 they would have been 45 minimum, had they only just been 19 (the average age of a combat troop according to Paul Hardcastle) in 1977.

    Agree with mizkrissi, people who want to come back and even just man a desk which frees a young 'un for more operational duities should be encouraged and the proper climate arranged for that to happen.

    I think the Canadian army has no upper age limit (can any Canadians confirm this?) and I have heard they are recruiting quite hard to build up numbers. Heard one story about a recruit troop having a mother and her son in the ranks!!!! Nightmare.
  10. Here in Canuckistan, the Compulsory Retirement Age is 55, although each and every CF member has the right to decide if they wish to serve to age 60. If a member so chooses, it is their decision and no one in the chain of command can say no. As well, we will recruit a person so long as they can finish their first term of enlistment, which now varies by trade. However, for most trades the first enlistment is 3-5 years. So, at least in theory, a person with no previous military experience can sign up on their 57th birthday, providing the trade they choose has only a 3 year Variable Initial Engagement.

    As well, my brother-in-law (REME Maj, but I talk to him anyway) tells me that UK personnel that retire aren't eligible to receive their pensions until age 55 or some such. Over here, as long as you have enough time for your immediate annuity (20-28 years, depending on rk/trade/commissioning plan) you start drawing your pension the day after you retire. So, we do have a few 37 year olds that are pensioned.

    As for the good Doctor, good on him and well done. Puts many to shame.
  11. Not quite wotan.

    Those that retire before their 22 year point are only eligible for pensions at 55. If you do the full 22 then you pick up your pension the next day.
  12. I wouldnt let a 75 year old treat me in the NHS let alone one who plays in the sand pit with a barretta and a sawn off shotgun!
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    The American Army (As well as other services.) starts your retirement pay on the date of your retirement. We also have people in their mid 30's drawing retirement pay.

    The exception to this, are National Guard and Reserve components of the American Armed forces which start getting their Retiree ID Card, Retirement pay and other benefits after reaching the age of 60 years.

    I understand that there is a move afoot to change this for them, because of the many call-ups to active duty and repeated tours in Iraq & Afganistan, that these soldiers/organizations are doing now. It hasn't changed yet, and I doubt that it wiill. :roll:
  14. The last US combat troops left Vietnam in 1972. The war ended in 1975.
  15. Yep, should have remembered 75, don't know where I got '77 from.

    When did they evacuate Saigon and throw all the hueys of USS Blue Ridge(?)?