75 The New Middle Age?

This is on BBC 1 Scotland right now, just wondering if any of you are watching or planning to grab it on catch up.

BBC News - With Scots living longer, is 75 the new middle age?

Four out of 10 75-year-olds consider themselves to be "middle-aged", according to research carried out for think-tank Scotland's Futures Forum.

However it found longer lifespans were presenting challenges as well as opportunities.

Professor June Andrews, director of the Dementia Centre at Stirling University, said the fact that Scotland has got an ageing population is a "great success story".

But she added: "It means that we're surviving the things people used to die of, but it does mean we're going to have to make arrangements to deal with the normal effects of ageing and the disabilities which are more prevalent, such as dementia."
Simple concept that I think applies to the whole of the UK rather than Scotland. Are we living longer? To the extent where the average age of expiration is actually going to rise. It technically means living comfortably at an older age. I just wonder if any ARRSERs (knowing you're all old cnuts) have taken any notice of this. The program (if you can get it on iplayer) is pretty simple but the idea itself is interesting.

My dad had a funny way of looking at this. He's in his 50s and always claims that Scotland, and eventually the entire UK, is going to be a massive national retirement home with a roof over it. One half of the population will be elderly/disabled and the other half will be social workers looking after them!
75 will only become the 'new middle age' on my 74th birthday. Until then it'll remain the age of useless coffin dodgers who just get in the way.
As a youngster in my mid '50s, yes of course middled aged is 70+.


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Time for me yet then!!

See Porridge Gun & Flashy, I am too young to be a coffin-dodger :)
Well... as long as I can still get 'wood', and Matron is willing............................. I know I'm sick and should be taking me Meds again before bed...

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