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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pwrmn, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    As i was at Beer festival in deepest Hampshire not so long ago ,i got chatting to a guy who turned up/owned the above above mentioned 1 Tonne(RHD) it was a GS (Non Vampire) and he mentioned the history it was which we believe was at 14 SR Celle,i was there between 86-90 and it vaguely rings a bell is there anyone that can confirm this or does anyone have pics/stories somewhere to add to the history. many thanks
  2. 75 FL 09 was in the 12 Regt from 1977 until 1985 then moved to 16 Regt - according to the internet.
  3. There weren't any GS 1-tonnes in the Regiment. There were Vans EW/Y - the specialist complex and probe wagons, Vampires and rebros.
  4. Hate to disagree Gladys. I distinctly remember D Tp having a number of 1 Tonne GS wagons prior to the introduction of Vampire. Must have been around 79/80? I remember driving one down to Telefunken in Landsberg, along with Ed B******, to put some TGIV into their workshops. This would have been after we did the UK Vamp trials but prior to rollout. Perhaps they were the chassis on which Vamp was later installed? I left shortly after to get a sun-tan for a couple of years and when I returned I was up at 'Dorf so didn't really follow the to and fro of Vamps.
  5. W TP had one too - used as a TCV (82 - 84 ish)
  6. I stand corrected, but then I didn't go to 14 until '85 - certainly by then there weren't any GS 1-tonnes that I recall. All the TCVs were M-series Bedfords by then.

    As far as I recall being told, all the Vamps were rebuilt from ambulances, might that be true?
  7. Gladys.

    Suspect the GS chassis we had at Scheuen between UK trials and introduction ended up being converted to Vamp/Pilot. Why on earth would you want to put an ambo shell on only to rip it off later. MOD procurement you say? Disjointed you say? Can't hear you!!
  8. Wouldn't have been surprised to see a conversion to a complex vehicle, that was just a tin box; the Vamps were a bit more special, with the reinforced roofs. As far as I recall, though, all the Cx vehicles were collected from Ashchurch and none were converted in theatre.

  9. Alas no. The real story is that the EW kit project (as with many others) was NOT in synch with the fact that the 1 tonne truck was due to be phased out completely (it was already obsolescent in 1983) by 1986. It was to be replaced by a new Truck Utility Heavy Duty. Hence Gucci EW kit running around in old heaps of shite and the fact that the REME had loads of old 1 tonnes to cannibalize. However it was only a stopgap measure and eventually 4 tonners were issued. In both cases the trucks were taken from PUE and WMR stocks in Germany and the UK.

    At around the same time the new Trucks Utility Light and Medium (LR 90 and 120) were procured to replace the older LR 88. The radio harness kits for these were too short in some cabling which caused a lot of problems at the time.

    A real tribute to the procurement and project management processes of the time - and I see little has changed.
  10. Starting at the top;
    75FL09 Chassis number 96100122A is recorded on the Chilwell ledger as being a 24V "Launcher Towing Rapier", I'm afraid I haven't got a Merlin Management Information print out for '09.

    Somewhere on file I have an undated photo of a 14 Sig 101 GS & water bowser that had rolled in woodland while on a rubbish removal run from a Complex.
    Any idea how many 1 tonne rebros at 14? Were they attached to Complexes or ?
    There is no evidence on any Vampire MMI that any Vamp was converted from an Ambulance 1 tonner. I understand all 20 Vampires were built by Marshalls of Cambridge on 24V LHD 1 tonne GS chassis.
    Complex 1 tonners were fitted out by 33 Central Workshop at Chilwell in the 1 tonne Radio body conversion again carried out by Marshalls of Cambridge. I understand from the Complex MMI's that they started life as 24V LHD GS's.
    The first Vampire was collected by 14 from Donnington, I'm not sure if the others were collected from Donnington or not.

    Rickshaw Major;
    1 tonne Vampires and Complex trucks were still in service in the late 1990's. I think some Vampire dets were put into box bodies on RB44's as a precursor to Vixen. Vixen was axed and the RB44 wasn't a great success.

    I have a database of all known Vampires and am developing a database of all Complex 1 tonners. Any and all information about Vampires or Complex trucks would be appreciated.
    If you are on Facebook have a look at "The Cold War Electronic Warfare Group".

    75FL93 V2 Vampire & trailer
    71FL01 Complex Pilot & SCAM 21 mast trailer.
  11. If my memory serves right between 1983 to 1986 at 14 Sigs we had 3 X 1tonne Rebro wagons, the remainder were 432 variants. Generally our rebro wagons were independent detachments.
  12. Thanks Bobthedog

    Were the rebro trucks attached to a particular Trp or ?

  13. Yes, Bravo Tp, 3 Squadron. We had the end garages in Taunton Barracks.
  14. Which eventually became, IIRC, Radio Troop (though I could be wrong), with the rest of the radio assets (including the DEWO's) being in RCP Troop - certainly around 87 - 91 whilst I was there.

    The RRB's were not allocated to any troop as they were Regimental assets, though, probably, in practice, they would work supporting the same Troops on exercise - don't hang your hat on that though, as I didn't work on them, only on the Rad Dets (3/4 Ton FFR sheds), and then getting back on to the DEWO's for most of my time.
  15. I used to be DEWO4 div det comd, but as I was a singly I used to man the rebro's whenever they were needed to support 1 or 2 sqn whenever things were going on near the border.