75 Engineers (V)

Anyone here serving in or have any useful advice on the above unit?

Many thanks
75 Engineer Regiment

75 Engineer Regiment is the Royal Engineer Regiment in the North-West. The Regiment has centres in Warrington, Manchester (Failsworth), Birkenhead, Stoke-on-Trent (Longton) and Cannock. A new detachment is also being set up in Ashton in the near future.

The Regiment is recruiting men and women to be trained as Royal Engineers, so if you are interested, call in to one of our centres on a Tuesday evening, or call one of the numbers listed below:

Regimental Contact Details Unit Contact Details
Regimental Headquarters
01925 636519 (Warrington)
107 Field Squadron
01516 523406 (Birkenhead/Warrington)
125 Field Squadron
01782 313149 (Longton/Cannock)
202 Field Squadron
01616 833200 (Failsworth/Ashton)
Light Aid Detachment 01616 833200 (Failsworth)

Is'nt google good.
Thanks buddy :)

I saw that page, just wondered if there were anyone who could tell me if its a good unit with decent training etc, or one to be avoided
I borrowed one of their blokes for a few months in 2003. The geezer was a star.

It's a credit to them that they didn't send me a nobber. Alternatively, if he was their nobber, then the rest of the bunch must be outstanding. ;)
I had the pleasure of serving with 107 in Birkinhead circa 92-94 and found them to be well motivated professional soldiers.

Fraggle Main at Failsworth had its selection of Regular plonkers but you get that anywhere.

Treat the STABS as you wish to be treated and enjoy the posting.

If you are in 107 you may be liable for duties 'over the water' so on your availability sheet do NOT be available on your off days.



Joined a Dutch para course with about 10 of them some 2 years ago, NCO and blokes/bloke -ess were well motivated, trained and an excellent example of UK TA soldiers. Could not have asked for better.

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