75 Engineer Regiment

Chance of doing P Coy with 75 - slim to fcuk all. The only RE unit that routinely do P Coy is 299 Para Sqn in Wakefield.

Chance of doing AACC with 75 - slim to fcuk all. The only RE unit that routinely do AACC is 131 Cdo Sqn in Plymouth/Birmingham/Bath/London.

You can volunteer to go on tour with 75 whenever you please but when you actually go depends when they are next required to provide personnel for deployment, speak to them to find out when this is. You will not be able to deploy until you have completed your trade training, you will also not deploy whilst you are under 18.
Ok thanks for replying. I know about the trade training and I'll be 18 by the time I join. So there would be no chance for me do to these courses even if I was deploying with 16 aa or 3 cdo bde?
To deploy you have to be a B2 Combat engineer which takes about 2 years

Basic Training at RTC and Pirbright ->Trained Soldier
Basic Field Engineering (6 weekends) ->Congrats you are now a Sapper!
B3 Course
B2 Course-> In the zone for 1st tape and also for deploying.

I have deployed with both 16X and 3X, no.

JD150 is on the money, as per usual.

Good luck.
SamD93, if you really want to do P Coy give 4 Para a ring, they recruit nationally. You haven't said where you are so difficult to point you in the direction of anyone else.
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