Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by random-nothings, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. Come on you buggers POST!! :lol:
  2. i thought oldies got extra minutes added to complete it in? :wink:
  3. edit
  4. and the number of the local taxi firm :wink: :lol:
  5. Well it is an ambitious but maybe achievable target. You must realise that in spite of commen belief running ten 6 minute miles is physiologicaly not within everyone's grasp HOWEVER fit they are. Assuming you have base level fitness (pass the 1 1/2 mile best effort BFT in under 10 1/2) i would base a program on a six day training and one day a week rest. I find that variety is the key say one 6 mile run one interval session one hill session then repeat. DO NOT JUST RUN TEN MILE SESSIONS. I did this and my times went up compared to when I was doing interval training. The rest day is important as well. For interval sessions (any running book will describe this0 or hill sessions best efforts but for set pieces time yourself and aim to do one run a week on a set distance to see how much quicker you get. GOOD LUCK AND IT IS A GOOD AIM

    PS usual disclaimers apply this is not from a trained PTI just a keen cross country runner. It works for me, it will not work for everyone! If feeling unwell or injured STOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

    pps Many apologies for the above it is just we ar ein a sad litigious society at tthe moment.
  6. That's it I'm suing! Cool, thanks for your help, hopefully I can crack on and get some decent times.

  7. Again same H&S statement.

    They say variety is the spice of life, I stated adding circuits to my taining schedual and that has helped with the speed part of my training and all over stamina and strength with out for saking my Cario Vascular endurance
  8. Cheers fellas
  9. r-n - What does 'basic fitness' mean? 1 1/2 miles in 10 1/2 mins, like Extrader asked? How quickly can you run 10 miles now? Can you run 10 mile at present? Not being funy, but need to know where you're starting from if we're going to be able to give useful advice.

    Good luck with whatever training regime you decide upon.
  10. There are too many variables and unknowns for we distant few to give you accurate info. Your basic fitness might differ considerably from my basic fitness. Are you running it clean or in fighting kit? If you are serving best bet is to get yourself to a senior PT guy for specific advice.

    Extrader's advice is solid and will give you a pretty good indication of what you are getting into.

    Good luck.
  11. Cheers guys - I'll be running clean in trainers and can currently do 10 miles in about 1h 20
  12. so you are looking to shave 2 mins of each mile...no means to sound obtuse and unhelpful but that is a lot. taking 2 mins of a bpfa time is something but 2 mins of each mile for 10miles is an acheivement...

    So here's how you do it! a 6 day week is pretty harsh on the knees so probably cut it down to four days on one day off in a five day cycle. just mix it up with speed sessions at a track or one mile loop. run the loop 5 times fast as consistently possible with a 3min break in between. do that for the 1st and 3rd day and then do an 8 miler for the 2nd and 4th day. then rest with a swim on the fifth. The interval sets will build up by one every week or just do as many as you feel ready for. remember and keep the time it takes to do the loop as consistant as possible...

    Anyhow thats enough muscle busting for now...back to the tanning bed!

    if you want anymore info just pm me