747 Survives Blast

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dragstrip, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Unpressurised 747 fusilage with doors open in bomb blast survival shocker; still able to fly says 'expert':


    Anybody want to tell them what's wrong with their methodology?
  2. apart from the doors being open and the plane being on the ground you mean?

    edited for mong spelling.
  3. So now the ********* have told the Terrorists they need larger amount of He to do the job, brilliant
  4. Well yeah; the clue was in my 'unpressurised.. with doors open' comment.

    ...too much sarcasm? I can never tell.
  5. The full program is on BBC2 at 2000 tonight
  6. Now where has relying on unpressurised testing of airframes clearly been shown as a problem before....

    Oh yes. The Comet in the 1950's
  7. So what they're saying is that is an aircrew ever has reason to suspect that there's a bomb aboard, the IA drills should be to de-pressurise the interior and open all the doors?

    No doubt the operation would be a complete success, assuming you don't take into account the patient's status.
  8. Exactly how thick do you think the bad guys are? I spent three years doing a degree in which missile guidance systems were a big part of the syllabus - the top marks in any exam generally went to the students from Iraq, Iran, and Jordan.

    Just because they wrap rags round their heads and their head honchos tend to be lunatics does not make their brains go all mushy.
  9. Personally not enough sarcasm Dragstrip take it up another notch. But I did giggle at the "logic"(?)
  10. (I replied with an equal amount of sarcasm... the clue is in the signature block..)

    don't forget the lack of other passengers in the aircraft

    and the lack of interior to the aircraft
  11. The unlucky person/persons all around the bomber would get killed. I thought the windows would of been instantly broke as they are not made of glass.

    Again, not being up a high alt and it being pressurised.

    Boeing 747-400's would normally fly at 30,000 ft - 40,000ft.
  12. wouldn't the "blast" effect cause damage to the electrical systems and control cabling running underneath the fuselage
  13. Having just watched the clip, i popped in here to see if there was a discussion.

    Good to see you guys have it covered.

    to sum up; complete crap, and the testers knew it i suspect, but sold their souls for a bit of TV time.
  14. It also serves a purpose to reassure passengers of safety fears. All incredibly misleading.
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I caught the last few minutes of this programme where the 'experienced' Air Accident Investigator was saying that he believed the aircraft would survive the explosion and that the pilots would be able to land the a/c.

    I have to say, I was let somewhat unconvinced :|