Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by random-nothings, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Hiya - Just wondering if anyone here knew much about the Honourable Artillery Company, if they are any good or if they are, as some seem to view them, just a bunch of arrogant city wideboys playing at soldier? Cheers
  2. Have you looked at their website? If you are interested in joining then go along to a training night and see them to judge for yourself. I have met one girl from HAC (she was teaching abseiling and climbing at an adventure training week) and she was very pleasant.
  3. I have indeed looked at thier website and it does seem quite interesting, however I know a few people who have had dealings with them and whilst as a unit they may appear to be very appealing, as individuals they have been criticised rather a lot. I was just wondering if anybody had a bit of decent goss, although I'll be popping along to see them quite shortly. If anyone has had any direct dealing with them, please drop a message. Ta
  4. Your assessment is perceptive. They are arrogant city wide boys, however, as individuals they are pretty nice chaps. The training is pretty intense, but the facilities and perks are massive (free gym/B&B etc)
  5. Yes, the perks do seem to be quite substantial includin, as you said, free membership to holmes place

    . Does anybody know quite how intense the training actually is? I'd also be interested in knowing "why" the training is so intense as I am under the impression, quite likely incorrectly, that the army has trouble finding a real use for them and they are not generally mobilised to carry out the roles that they train for. Thanks again.
  6. Their role is surveillance and arty spotters. The trg is hard because its essentially a long range recce role. Drop off and tab in with tonnes of kit, dig in an OP and no sleep til endex. However, not much call for that in PSO so they tend to get used as normal infantry. If you fail the 'selection' phase you can stay in and train as a gunner.

    I had a couple of mates in it and thought about transferring before SDR, but the role sounded pretty dull.
  7. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated.
  8. To be fair on the HAC, much though it goes against the Evil grain, a few of them were called up for Telics 1 to 3 and quite a lot for Telic 4. I am told that they had the living daylights trained out of them for a few months before deploying to theatre for a distinctly non-boring set of sneaky tasks.

    Then again, the person who told me this was HAC and so they are probably stagging on at the Shaibah front gate.

    I too will vouch for the common perception of the HAC: "Bunch of jumped-up City toffs - but those I know or have met are all right."
  9. Well that sounds a bit more encouraging to say the least. although the thought of them undertaking "sneaky ops" with the man-servants in tow carrying their bergens and travel trunks does bring a slight smirk to my face, although I'm sure that they are all very good chaps. Mostly. Albeit with large filofaxes, rolex watches and the odd slush fund. :lol:
  10. The HAC (or Have Another Cocktail) have both special OP's and gun troop, however, I heard a rumour (which is what we are in this website for) that the Gun Troop is being waxed.

    Their TAC is rather splendid, and a very popular venue for holding regimental dinners if you can get a booking.

    I know a couple of their blokes (ex and current) and they are actually a rather nice bunch. They do train hard, and do stuff which I reckon most of them would rather forget.

    As Poppy said above....why not take steps to get in and see what they are all about. Fair to say that you will probably need to take in a copy of all of your offshore bank statements to get a second interview though.... :wink:
  11. Nice one cheers guys, myself and a friend will be popping along to see them tomorrow for a few drinks so I shall bring my old-school tie along as well. What you have all said seems to confirm what I have been able to glean from various (dodgy) sources, generally that they are a good unit with a high standard of training, but consist of the odd yahoo. Fair enough.

    Interesting point about the gun-troop being axed (if true), will this mean that they will reduce the number of members in the signal squadron as well I wonder?
  12. As far as I am aware, although they had their field guns nicked off them about a month ago (because there is a shortage of them 105mm airportable jobbies, apparently), that does not necessarily mean that the Gun Troop is going.

    Go along tomorrow evening and ask them all this. I would say that I agree with your sumary that they are a good unit with a high standard of training. All the more so once those Telic 4 guys get back (provided they stick with the HAC on their return).
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