737 Crash

This 737 that 'crashed' is all very sad, and a somewhat bizarre set of circumstances.

The Greeks scrambled a pair of F-16 who said they saw the pilot was missing and the co-pilot was slumped over. As it did not respond to their requests to land at a military airfield, would they not have taken the anti-hijack option and made sure that it did not crash into a population centre?

Correct me here, but if the 737 is in the cruise and the autopilot is set, it just keeps flying from way point to way point until it gets to the destination, and then what, keeps going or circles, it just doesnt crash. Other aircraft have kept going as the front end fell asleep, so what is the difference here?

Bit of a conspiracy theory but....
Pprune.org has a long and detailed thread on this. The duration of the flight corresponds with a rough estimate of block + reserve time for the leg to be flown. It seems quite likely that the aircraft crashed because it ran out of fuel, having continued on the last heading input to the autopilot.

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