73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron - Londonderry 1976

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by diehard57, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. I recently obtained a book entitled 'The Battle Of Bogside' at a car boot sale. In the back cover there is a handwritten poem entitled 'The Soldier In Derry' and states it was written by 'some of the lads of 73 Amphibious Engineer Squadron during our last tour of Londonderry 9/3/76 to 30/6/76.' I thought I'd post it here as a reminder to any lads who may have had a hand in penning it.

    'The Soldier In Derry'

    In Derry stands a soldier
    with a rifle in his hand,
    He only stands on corners
    or patrols Old Derry Strand.

    The people call him 'Limey'
    and lots of other names,
    But the soldier stands and takes it
    and there's many more the same.

    If he walked around the corner
    and was shot right through the head,
    "It's another soldier DEAD"

    But the people here in Derry
    do not seem to understand,
    That he's not "Just" another soldier
    With a rifle in his hand

    He's a husband, he's a father
    He's some lonely Mothers son,
    And not a cardboard target
    For some bloody snipers gun.
  2. You want one of these babys!
    Cool Amphibious Manufacturers Ie

    Diehard57 I hope you'll be able to join the poem and the scribe after all these years, best of luck.
  3. That copy used to belong to the chief clerk of 73
  4. Apart from the accomodation, it was a good tour. The only tour that 73 done as infantry!!! we lost knowone. 5 ex 73 members live in the Osnabrück area!!!
    Little Dave