72C - 40th anniversary

Discussion in 'REME' started by Scrungy, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. 40 years ago today (12/09/72) intake 72C arrived at AAC Arborfield.

    A big HELLO to all those still breathing :)

    Take a moment to remember those that didn't make it :salut:

    Looking forward to the big 50 in 2022, maybe a reunion?

    Geoff (Jumbo) Jones 72C
  2. Geoff

    Was a year behind you in 73c A Coy, congrats on reaching that milestone. Certainly a few no longer with us.

    Nobby (Phil)
  3. Hi Nobby,
    Do you remember Pommy Barclay in A coy? He works with me at SEAE here in Arborfield. Yep we have gone full circle and ended back where we both started :)
  4. Geoff

    Please give Pommy my regards, we were a 3 Fd Wksps together in Tidworth up to retirement.

    Nobby (Phil)
  5. I had to fill in a form for a technical training course yesterday. Number of years in the aircraft industry, 40.
    72C seems along time ago. Shows how naive I was being totally surprised when they came round and paid us.
    Didn't realise we got paid as well.
    Hated the damn place but it gave me training that has kept me gainfully employed for the last 40.
    No regrets going in and none comming out.
    Regards to all the 72C brethren still with us and a moment for those who are not.
  6. Agree 100% eric. No regrets joining no regrets leaving but the quals kept me in work for years.
  7. I remember you well Geoff but I was in A Coy (along with Pommie Barclay). Please accept and pass on to him my regards. Mally 72C.
  8. Mally

    I did 5 terms in Spider A5, jeep to you of course. Paul D (Chelsea fan) was the A/T Sgt in the bunk when we moved there in term 2.

  9. Hi Nobby/Phil, I think we tended not to know much about other intakes unless we did sports or hobbies together. Though I am certain to have known your face. Paul D doesn't ring a bell either -- can u remember his surname?
  10. Dunwell, still around the bazaars in Paderborn
  11. What a bunch of sprogs!

    I was 56A!

    Wonder how many are left?
  12. They're all dead mate^_^ No one is that old..
  13. Bloody hell. Many Many Years on of Arborfield. Spiders, the clack clack of bumpers, the smell of orange polish, the noise of the fluorescent tubes at daft o`clock as the DS brought you your early morning tea. Your locker flying out of the window accompanied by your bed and your best boots and your mug.
    There followed a visit to stores to replace everything broken.
    Happy Memories