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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by miss_nhs, May 16, 2006.

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  1. did any1 see the 72 stone man on more4 last night!! the man had been lying down for ever and he couldn't even role over...forklifted onto a stretcher used for transporting whales! only in america! Going to cost millions of dollers....money that is def not available in this country!
  2. What are you trying to say, that the NHS should pay for these fatboys? Forget it, let him stay there until his heart explodes from the sheer strain of blinking. Millions of dollars? Set a pack of starved wolves on him, then all you have to clear away are the bones.
  3. No need, there will be a career available for him in RAF Trade Group 18. (No offence intended to TheHelpfulStacker.)
  4. God help me I hate people like that. Sodding fat ignorant tw*ts that leech off everyone else cos they're too damn lazy to get off their arse and walk five feet and blame their 'underactive' thyroid. I'd have been spitting nails if I'd seen this.
  5. The thing is, there is a certain point at which it is almost impossible to regain your previous bodyweight/size. Call it the point of no return, but once you reach it, the body has reached a critical mass and simply cannot use up enough energy to engender weight-loss (because they are bed ridden). I think it's fair to say that this guy passed that point a good while ago! :D

    Despite this, there is ample scope for preventative measures before the point of no return is reached, hence i agree with RMT's sentiments.
  6. So what happens if you feed him say an orange a day plus water? Will he not lose weight??
  7. Only when he has a heart attack and dies.
  8. There surely comes a point when you look in a mirror and think -god I won't be able to walk soon, or even roll over, I'd better do something about it before I reach the point of no return where it will be impossible to lose weight? This is what really, really frustrates me. What kind of ignoramous allows themself to reach that point in the first place? Or is it really a case of 'hey, it doesn't matetr cos the tax payers will pay for fork lift trucks to come along and move me when I'm a fat heap of lard.' I apologise it fat people think I'm being unfair, but I have no sympathy for people like this. I wonder what went through this guys mind. God, I wonder if when someone gets that fat, whether or not their brain then turns into fat as well, and they offically become brain dead because active brain cells have become necrofied (SP?) becaus of a lard overload? There must be an elemant of stupidity for someone to not have the intelligence to realise what they're doing.
    Agent Smith you are the voice of reason as ever.
  9. There was a programme on Ch5 (yes, it still exists) about 1-2 weeks ago about 4 lardos who were addicted on food. One lived on the top floor of a high block of flats and could not ventured out of his front door as he cannot manage the stairs. To get his grub, he used to phone a takeaway, put his money/chq/whatever method of payment into a bucket, and then lower down the bucket with a rope attached to the takeaway guy who was now standing outside his block. The money was taken, the food was put in the bucket and lardo pulls it back up. 8O

    But the thing that shocked me was another guy who was probably about 50 stones +, only in his thrities as well. He was so addicted to food that he remortgaged his home to do some building repairs and then spent half the money on takeaways. The man is so fat that he cannot even manage the walk to go toilet and has to wear something resembling a giant nappy to catch all his... well you can guess. And he has a home help to come in, change and clean him and the home... state-funded of course. Not only that, the lardo is so heavy that a group of firemen could not lift and carry the man when he was in need in reaching hospital. After hours of trying to shift him, they had to knock down the window and wall to his lounge (situated at the front of the property) so that a lorry with flat back could back into the home where the lardo was situated. This was because he could be literally be flipped on it so the men didn't have to carry him for long.

    If its something like that RT is refering to - I fully agree. I have no sympathy for either, especially the first one who, as it seemed by his attitude, wanted to eat himself to death.
  10. surely there comes a point when you stop giving these malingering fat basta*ds food. Surely the same principle that applies to people on life support, when after an extended period the doctors stop giving them food and support, should apply to people of a hippo size. The only difference is people on life support didn't choose to be in that state when fat people do.
    If you punished them by stopping giving them food they would have enough fat on them to surely survive months. Just give them water and vitamin and mineral tablets.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    i think when i got the 25 stone point i would look in the mirror and say, hmm actually, thats quite a lot....hang on, i already say that, but i weigh considerably les (and to those who know who i am, yes, it IS considerably less!!). Ireckpon a 6 month tour in the sand pit summer would help!! Could always do with more roadblocks...
  12. No job, no life, but money coming in from somewhere..... and lazy as fcuk.

    She was 'inspired' to do it due to the wafer thin women she see in the media.... Yeh right. Basically wants to stay home and do nowt but eat crap.
  13. Idiots. You're hardly making any stand against these thin women by making me feel ill. Lose that weight and I'll respect you.
  14. Ok, I think I hate Americans more than I hate fat people. Only in America would someone behave so freakishly. I'm shocked, and I gutted because apart from anything else, this tw*t has probably got shed loads of publicity for it, and Americans being encourage to get fatter is the last thing the world needs. I don't understand why people would do this, I really don't. That's not to say everyone should be fitness fanatics or stupidly think but at the very least be able to function normally. Where I wonder did the $30,000 come from to buy all this crap? I'm utterly incensed and disgusted. (and she's canadian? Fogive my ignorance, is there a difference?)