71 Days, 14 Hours, 18 Min, 33 Secs at sea.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The Sailor, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Ellen MacArthur has completed the round the world sail in record time. She beat the frog, well done Ellen!!
  2. Single handed sailing? A real extreme sport. Ellen MacArthur is not my cup of damsel in distress but she's worthy of admiration nonetheless. BZ girl!

    I’ve been at sea longer than 71 days on the trot, albeit with more comforts and the odd watch change.


    :!: Why is this in the Officers' forum?
  3. Fantastic, my type of girl.

    She beat Phileas Fogg too. 8)
  4. Pity that she done it early in the year, a few more months and it would have been ripe for Trafalgar.
  5. Outstanding!

    Can't quite understand why we had to watch it on the Beeb via a camera phone though......I bet the Froggies would have had a proper camera with NV capability on board the welcoming ship.... ah well.

    Good on ya girl!