70th Anniversary of the start of the Spanish Civil War

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by gallowglass, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Republican (Socialist - PSOE)

  2. Republican (Communist - PCE)

  3. Republican (Anarcho-Syndicalist)

  4. Republican (Marxists - POUM)

  5. Republican (International Brigades)

  6. Nationalist (Falangist)

  7. Nationalist (Carlist Monarchists)

  8. Nationalist (Condor Legion)

  9. All of the above?

  1. Today is the 70th Anniversary of the begining of the Spanish Civil War, when military units in Spain's North African possessions and in mainland Spain launched into rebellion against the Republican government.
  2. gallowglass, I am a little rusty but you seem to have left a few options out
  3. Well spotted, but the site wouldn't let me add any of the other assorted factions.
  4. Which pervert voted for the Condor Legion?

  5. Marxist-POUM so I can have a POUM branded dog like George Orwells...
  6. Well at least the Communists got their arrses kicked.

    I suspect life under Franco was better than life under Stalin.
  7. Ken Loach made the POUM appear quite lyrical - and they certainly had the best totty in the film. However nobody wants to be purged, not least by Stalinists so I'll swing over to the Carlists.

    I'm not surprised we have a Condor Legion vote, there are Arrsers who would sell their own gran's for an iron cross, a stahlhelm and a Les Routiers guide to Poland!
  8. International Brigades for me.
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I'd like to thing International Brigade, so I've picked it. But that's with hindsight. I'm not so sure I wouldn't have been a Carlist or Falangist at the time, simply as an anti-Communist. I believe that some Septics were pulled up by McCarthy and his ilk in the 50s for be "Premature Anti-Fascists?"
  10. Didn't Smith & Jones do a piece for the 50th Anniversary? "The Spanish Civil War-An Old Poof Remembers" :D
  11. The international brigades did have a better class of poet to be fair...but they were riddled with shirt-lifters.
  12. You can all base your decisions on politics and such like. Canine decoration is the way to go. POUM it remains....
  13. I'd have followed in the foot-steps of Grandfather Gallowglass - Carlist requetés and then the Legión Extranjera Española .

    The International Brigades? - little more than second-rate poets, poofters, Welsh Communists and other assorted ragamuffins :twisted:
  14. The Spanish? Rubbish at fighting, took them years to do what any nation with a modicum of military bearing, not posturing, would have done in a few months.

    And yes I look down on our European neighbours....... apart from the boxheads of course..... a worthy enemy

    Rah Rah Rah
  15. I was a little amused the other day, while shopping near Malaga, to see an unusual memorial to International Brigades volunteer Jack Jones. A chain of jeans and casual wear shops bearing his name...How the noted anti-capitalist and labour campaigner - and his 2000 fellow British volunteers for the International Brigade - would have laughed!

    Of course we always hear about the 2000 Britons who fought for the Republicans. It is interesting to note, given the poll results so far that approximately 1200 Britons and some 500-800 Irish volunteerrs fought for Franco. The numbers fighting for Franco vary considerably from source to source, for example the "1200" number I have picked as being most likely does not include the spanish foreign Legion or air crews. A contemporary source stated that for most of the britons "politics was unimportant except when choosing which side to fight on", the real impetus being a sense of adventure and restlessness.