'70s Birds - Not 'Arf Sunshine!!

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Stonker, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. Sitting watching "Doctors" on lunchtime TV, I was reminded (again) that Diane Keen got her baps out in "Sweeney!!"[​IMG], and hearing "Curved Air" Back Street Luv" on R2 for the first time in years led me to this piccie of Sonja Kristina in very-1970s hot pants (Ooooohhhh!!!) [​IMG] from 1971 when I was just 16.

    Now, bearing in mind that the top-to-toe fashion statements worn by the Herberts surrounding her would prob'ly enable many a plain-Jane to look sophisticated, I nevertheless can't help thinking that (perhaps because rationing had only ended 18 years before the photo was taken), that the birds then were generally 'fitter' than the lardy munters of which I see so many today.

    In the spirit of nostalgia for the period, laced with the casual misogyny which made it such a joy to be young and male back then, let me ask the old'n'bold - to follow up with their photographic evidence in support of my thesis (bonus points for the first picture of Susan Stranks, from Magpie, in hot pants, I think . . .)
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    WTF? Two of the birds in the second pic have moustaches, hardly fit at all.

    I'd smash the other three though, especially the one on the right in the FMBs.
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  3. Go here:
    [​IMG] or HERE, Ravers mate - the choice is yours.
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  4. Stonker - Do you remember Curved Air on TOTP? Sonia wore a crocheted type top with her nips poking through. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!! the memories of a 16year old.
  5. When I was in Bristol in the '60/'70s a lovely young thing known as 'Fred the Legs' frequented the many folk clubs and invariably wore a mini skirt that did nothing to hide her femininity - especially when perched on a bar stool. Would that I had pikkies... :cry:
  6. Isn't that Stuart Copeland, prior to joining 'The Police'?
  7. I had a bit of a crush on Madeline Smith at the time :)
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  8. Sure is (was) whatever.


    This is all too much.
  9. Any one remember this little lady!


    Featured in all those magazines your Dad thought he had hidden!!?
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  10. MM has a thread all of her own on the Vintage Erotica Forum - erm so I'm told!
  11. Mmmmmmmmadeline!!

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  12. The teenage years - a time in a young male's life when he'd kill to get his leg over a lass who looked like Ken Dodd's twin sister;
  13. I must remember to finish drinking my tea prior to reading arrse or my keyboard will be ruined :)
    I remember this lot PANS PEOPLE :- YouTube - Pans People - Top of the pops 1973
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  14. My mental retina is still etched with their chamois-leather-loincloth-bikini-clad dance to witch Queen of New Orleans by Redbone . . . in glorious monochrome (or mebbe that's just my brain fading)
    From the comments below that YouTube clip:
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