70s and 80s BAOR photos

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by captaincalamity, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Calamity !.........appreciate that.
    There are many other pages there as well.
    Anybody can PM me if they need info or pics.
    I may soon work together with T.F. Mills (from regiments.org)

    enjoy !
  2. Oooh I'm on there, is that you Jonah?
  3. Whatever happened to Regiments.org? It was an outstanding website.
  4. Hiya Busterdog !
    Agree .......probably the best military website on the WWW
    According to T. F. Mills, regiments.org will be resurrected in the near future.
    He has had ISP and server volume problems.
    Untill then, you can talk and discuss with him on his Google Forum on this linky :
    You can also download a copy of the website from this linky :
    Put it on your desktop, and you have it forever.
  5. It saddens me at how many of them are no longer with us, indeed many didn't see 50:(

  6. Anything big planned for Quebec Day this year ?. It being the demiquincentennial & all that.

    Yes, I did have to find the word on Wikipedia
  7. Yep :( Britt, JD and Festus spring to mind. Who was the guy in Milan.. Poole?
  8. Blimey, Festus too?

    It was a fine Regiment & I'd do it all again tomorrow.
  9. Any of you Queensmen on here ever hear of Sgt Joe Gooden? he was an instructor at IJLB Oswestry in 1973.

    I think he was 1st Bn Queens Regiment. Sgt Collins was also there.
  10. Thanks O_L appreciate that.
  11. I remember Joe Godden. He left the army as a C/Sgt in 77. Didn't know he was an IJLB instructor.
  12. BTW, MANY thanks for that download link O-L. 8)

    I've really missed this site since it went down.
  13. Indeed, a major deficiency in my webbing...

    Coat, Door, I know....