70 year old gives birth

How long did it take to get them in though?? :twisted:

Frankly this is self-indulgence of the worst kind. The children should be put up for adoption and the mother shipped off to Zurich for euthanasia. WTF was she thinking?
I was not there that night and I did not drink shed loads of alcohol before she could take advantage of me, so you can't blame me for this one :)

Besides, I couldn't drink that much.... or could I?


He must have been fed up wanking after the goat had died. I suppose each of us has our breaking point.
She said she's "looking foward to attending their university graduation..."
If the old boy sold his buffaloes and got a credit card loan to finance a male heir, wtf is the poor little git going to inherit?
Promised that I would pull out, oh well sh1t happens.

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