7 years and no tour.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by the_creature, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Just a quick question I would like to ask the forum regarding a friend of mine in the royal engineers, his trade is or once was Carpentry.

    He was the first mate of mine to join the regular army, he has just been made redundant and completed 7 years service. It seems all well and good but he didn't pick up lance jack, moreover the one thing I can't get my head around is he has never been on tour! In the last 7 years the Opportunity to go to either Iraq or Afghanistan has been huge, he's the one person out of our military peer group who hasn't been to those theatres, i would ask him myself but I feel I won't get a straight answer, he also told me a few years back he was due to join an EOD unit on transfer. Still never went on tour.

    Can anyone give me an idea why he has actually accomplished very little out of the army? He hasn't even squared away a simple driving test.
    Is this down to the individual or unit? He's a fit lad so nothing to do with fitness issues .
  2. You answered your own question - ask him.
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  3. I have before and didn't get a straight up answer other than I'm transferring EOD to go out on HERRICK 14? He never did go. Also he's abit touchy about being made redundant as he didn't volunteer for it.
  4. Maybe just a shit bloke?
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  5. Maybe he's been unlucky, and the units he's been posted to are always just recovering as he gets there. Or he could be saying he wants to deploy, but dodging it because in his heart-of-hearts he doesn't want to go?
  6. Not entirely sure what you expect, in regards to answers given by people that don't know the bloke, let alone the reasons for him not going on tour.
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  7. Bit like tours then!! What goes round.......
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  8. I think what I mean is, even if he was a super soldier could he still be held back at unit level for not doing an operational tour or is it more the fact he is probably a shit ****. I don't know how good or shit of a soldier he is, I just normally speak to him on the piss about other things like how many jager bombs I should get before moving club.
  9. All the no-tour wonders I've met have done so by intention, regardless of what they say. But that doesn't mean your friend is a tour-dodger - statistically, someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, every time.

    Besides, would anyone choose to join the modern army then choose not to go on tour? One of the first questions that gets asked by civvies is have you been in Iraq/Afghan (shortly before "Have you killed anyone?"). Having to answer 'no' to all of them must be pretty humiliating.
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  10. It is not unheard of for a decent soldier to be held back - the ROG can't all be the B Team, but unusual for it to happen several times...but not impossible.

    However, a lot of those who got compulsary redundancy weren't the best individuals.
  11. We had a full screw on H17 who had been in for 9 years and it was his first tour! Pretty much the circumstances of the postings he has had to other units.
  12. When your mate gets kicked out, steer him toward the TA's. He'll feel right at home.
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  13. I left after 22 yrs and didn't go on tour for the last 14yrs. Although I got smashed with tours in the first part of my career. So for someone not to go on tour for 7 yrs isn't that bad
  14. Maybe he's not FE Medically or whatever you call it nowadays?
  15. To be fair though you can still go out and kill someone without having done a tour on Afghan or Iraq.