7 Year Old dies of Starvation In Birmingham.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MrShanklysboots, May 21, 2008.

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  1. 5 Other children found in an emaciated condition.

    Reporter on her way and they'll do a live link once she's there. This sounds pretty awful from the leader at the start of the programme.

    Edited to say that the girl is seven. The reporter is on the phone now.

    Girl died in hospital all the others are in an emaciated condition.

    Neighbours had noticed the children were thin, and after feeding the birds with bread was shouted at by one of the childrens parents.

    The Children had been eating the bread put out for the birds.

    Jesus H Christ, I despair, I really do.

    Edited to change the thread title.

    Very little info out there but standby troops this is going to be a big one.
  2. What's the betting social services have been called numerous times but decided not to act. Then we will hear about the usual "regrettable failures" but not sack anybody when they should really go to jail
  3. All we hear from Brown, apart from endless, meaningless statistics, is words to the effect that: this government has taken so many out of poverty.....

    Maybe poverty was not the crucial factor. Maybe it was unadulterated cruelty. Whatever, in Bliar's Britain, you may bet no-one will be to blame and certainly no-one will be sacked. The repellent sub-human 'parents' will be pitied by the left-leaning, sandal-wearing, limp-wristed liberal faction, instead of being jailed for life or, better still, executed.

    God save the remaining little ones.
  4. My p1ss is all aboil I must admit. There are parents out there without two brass farthings to rub together who would rather go without than see their children go without.

    These parents appear to have been: (and i appreciate I am leaping to conclusions with very few facts)



    Unusually Stupid.

    Either way, they shouldn't have had children within 100 miles of them.
  5. Bet drugs come into the equation somewhere
  6. Age of the parents?

    Regardless I am first in line to give them a kicking!
  7. Khyra Ishaq, of Leyton Road in Handsworth, Birmingham, was taken to hospital on Saturday where she was pronounced dead.

    It doesn't look like drugs or booze with that name - poor kid, I hope her siblings make a strong recovery
  8. A 29-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman appeared at Birmingham Magistrates' Court on Monday, charged with neglect.
  9. Bet you Social Services didn't get involved as they didn't want to appear "racist"

    How many more children must die before these sandal wearing Guardian reading social workers are held to account?

    RIP little one.
  10. No feck me, can't offend Ranjit the Rabid now can we?
  11. Fcuk's sake, words fail me... 8O
  12. How the hell can any child die of stavation in the UK without anyone noticing, It not an overnight thing. Didn't her teachers spot it? If she (and her siblings) wasn't going to school then social services should have visited to find out why, you don't need a degree in medicine to see that something was wrong.
  13. My bold. You'd be surprised at the extent of the heroin and crack misuse within the Pakistani community in Birmingham. According to a plod friend of mine, who works in the Handsworth division, the heroin supply is controlled by members of the Pakistani community (mainly in Alum Rock but also in Handsworth and Lozells), though the recently arrived Afghans are attempting to muscle in on their turf. The Pakistani dealers have branched out into the supply of crack-cocaine, thus creating tensions between themselves and the Jamaican Yardies. So, in and around the Handsworth area, there are building tensions between the Pakistani, the Afghan, and the Yardie criminal fraternities'.
  14. How can this happen in 21st century Britain?

    I hope the parents get some rough justice dished out when they get to prison from the other inmates :twisted: