7+ weeks and counting!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by septus, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. I had my medical back on 8th May...and I'm still waiting. Surely it shouldn't take this long! I was warned off before the medical saying it could take up to 5 weeks...contacted the TA centre last week and they said they hadn't received anything for 3 weeks and they just had to wait nothing they could do.

    Anyone else had to wait over 5 weeks for your medical results to return??
  2. Have you been to ADSC? or is this the RG8 form?
  3. This is the 'bend over touch your toes', eye sight and hearing test malarcky.

    This is after the RG8 and before ADSC.
  4. I had my medical at ADSC, biggest hold up for me was Glencorse clearing my RG8 (3 weeks) to get me to Adsc.
  5. HMMMM iv been waiting 14 months to get mine sorted, I need to go to scotland for a lung function test I keep badgering but no news just yet.

    So mate you may be lucky and get to know within 12 months :)
  6. Finally...called yesterday to be told they have my results and have passed.

    Now, how long a wait till selection.........
  7. Hellsfire I only applied in March,started training last weekend
  8. I first went to the TA centre at the end of Jan. Still not had to wait as long as amry_uk1!
  9. WHOOP WHOOP finally heard something hopefully 24th july
  10. After i visited my TA centre i was training with them within a week, passed my medical and ADSC and had been issue my kit within about 6 weeks! i cant believe how long you guys have been waiting :O put the pressure on people!
  11. Explaination I got was something to do with the medical. They used to have a 'in-house' doc who would pop into the centre to do the medicals...now they don't do that they have it done externally...I had to go wait for a booking, then they took me up to Liverpool for a 45min medical....then waited almost 8 weeks for results to come back.

    Additionally because I'm ex-reg there was additional paperwork that had to be done and sent via Glasgow before I could do the medical.
  12. My big hold up was RG8 form at Glencorse about three weeks.