7 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman

1. “Calm down.” or “Relax.”
If your woman is upset and you tell her to calm down, this will have the opposite effect you want. Why? Because you are not acknowledging her feelings. In fact, you are belittling them by implying that she shouldn’t feel whatever she’s feeling. Even if you think she’s overreacting, never, never tell her to calm down. If you do, what she hears is, “I don’t care why you’re upset. I just want you to shut up.” The way to get her to calm down is to say something like, “Wow, you’re really upset. Let’s see if we can figure this out.” Then she will feel like you’re actually listening and will automatically start to calm down.

2. “What’s the big deal?”
This is similar to “Calm down.” No matter what she’s upset about, to her it IS a big deal. She is entitled to her feelings regardless of how different your reaction is to the situation. To repeat: you must acknowledge her feelings if you don’t want this to escalate and her to resent the hell out of you.
3. “Is it that time of the month?”
If you want a woman to go from furious to enraged, just say this. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t that time of the month. But the point is you’re still not acknowledging her feelings, regardless of what triggered them. It’s infuriating for a woman to hear this because it feels like you’re patronizing her and writing the problem off to her hormones instead of dealing with it directly.

4. “Let’s have sex.” (in the middle of an argument)
The last thing a woman wants to do when she’s angry at her man is have sex with him. Post-anger sex, after you’ve made up and resolved the problem is different. Then it can be great. But if the problem is still sitting there like this huge, smelly pile in the middle of the room, there’s no way sex is going to make the stink go away. You can’t just stall or fool her into going off on a sexual tangent and hope it will go away by itself. It won’t.
#1: deal with problem. #2: have sex.

5. Anything other than “You’re beautiful,”
if she asks you any of the following questions:
* Does this make me look fat?
* Do you think I’ve gained weight?
* Which outfit do you like better?
* How do I look?
Even if you don’t necessarily believe it at that moment, say it anyway. She just wants to be reassured that you love her and are still attracted to her. If she has, in fact, gained weight, believe me, she knows it and doesn’t need to hear it from you. Which brings me to #6.

6. Anything negative about her weight.
Even if you think she’s put on a few pounds, keep it to yourself. Criticism about her weight is not helpful. She’s well aware of the fact that her clothes are tighter and her thighs flabbier.

7. Anything that implies she’s stupid.
This could be anything like the following statements lobbed in a sarcastic tone: “Duh!” or “Well, what did you think was going to happen?” or “How could you ______?” or “You have it all wrong.” or “Well I just said ______.” Just because she didn’t understand something or made a mistake or whatever, it’s never okay to imply that she’s dumb. This is an extremely insulting and infuriating put down. No way can you support intimacy in a relationship if you do this.

There are plenty of ways for a man to put his foot in his mouth but these are just a few things you should never say to a woman.

It's a good job the internet has a nigh on unlimited capacity: http://www.what-women-want-from-men.com/

8th Thing (In middle of argument, after sex) "What's for tea?"
Dilfor said:
Bit tricky if she is a neurotic, overweight, frigid dumb-fcuk.
Then don't have a British bird.



Can you give me directions to ----------------

Would you mind reversing your car.

Turn Left/Right/ Go straight on.


Book Reviewer
"I want a divorce" doesn't go down to well either.


Mr_Deputy said:
what the hell do you say to a woman who is over-emotional, with a fat arrse, small intellect and loud mouth?

Which is why you are fcked if you go for the Miss Piggy types.
1. I must have been pissed.
2. Goodbye
Just make sure that the chain is a bit shorter next time and then she won't be able to get away form the sink and the cooker.
Some one feeling guilty or, may Heaven forbid MSR, you're not coming over all "new man?" Next thing you'll be reading the Guardian and we all know what the leads to :lol:
1) Yes your arrse does look big in that
2) Are you gaining weight?
3) You look rough this morning
4) Whats your name again?
5) I do love you, but I would prefer to be with your sister
6) That was nice, but my ex was better
7) Thanks for that, now go cook, fatty

Try them on for size and see how far you get...
the_guru said:
Why don't you swallow? Your mum does.
genius - I'll try that and see how Mrs B takes it
Don't even think of naming me in the divorce though
MSR I think your new avatar has gone to your head and you've become a sissy boy.

If the old dear's playing up or on the rag just politely tell her to get herself sorted by the time you came back from the pub with your kebab, carry out and mates for the late footy.

She'll appreciate you giving her the space and be grateful that you are able to put up with her.

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