7 Spinx Cdo Battery to Leave Arbroath


From the CO:
It is with significant regret that I have issued a warning order to 7 (Sphinx) Commando Battery Royal Artillery to re-group its colours on The Royal Citadel. I had firm hopes that we would be able to spread our resources across the three Batteries in order to deliver a 3:1 FG model which would match the Commando Operational Readiness Mechanism (CORM) of Generate, Operate and Standing Tasks. Detailed modelling has shown that the accumulated frictions of REME Wksp downsizing, a reduction in military chefs, the creation of the App Spec stream combined with the requirement to field a number of “peacetime” outputs through IRE/Black Economy such as our CTW (both staff and potential commandos are held against our liability), the Regimental Servicing Bay and Training Wing means that the 3:1 aspiration cannot be sustained in the medium to longer term.

To this end we have no option but to revert to the planned Army 2020 which will see the full gun group of 12x L118 based in TRC with a Tac Gp in RM Condor (identity – 7 Bty) and the PLF Group in RM Poole (identity – 148 Bty). 7 Bty is currently on the Generate Year of the CORM and therefore it is my intention to retain the colours in RM Condor until FG is complete and then move the gun group south prior to embarkation on COUGAR 15.

As a former member of 7 Battery this decision is particularly difficult but it is the right one in order to ensure that we deliver the Lead Commando Group at operational readiness and have the depth within the Operate and Generate batteries to account for peacetime requirements and normal manning frictions. We should draw strength from the fact that we have been here before in the 1930s with 25 Field Regiment (our previous identity before the re-numbering of 1947) which combined its guns into two batteries for a short period and also in the early days of 29 and 95 when each regt had two gun batteries and a PLF Battery (7, 8, 20 (FO), 79 and 145 and 148 (FO) batteries making the six sub units of the two regiments).

On a separate tack we are about to raise a Reserve Troop based in Plymouth which will be an exciting new departure which cements our integration within the fabric of the community in the south west.

Both projects will be subject to further work over the next few weeks and further information and clarification will follow in due course.


I note with interest another effect of REME downsizing.


Yes I saw that as well!!

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