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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by something_smells_funny, May 3, 2008.

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  1. I am leaving Blandford in the next couple of weeks and getting posted to 7sigs
    just wondering does anyone know what it is like there and what can i expect also what kind of work i might be doing there. i am a com sys op and i have not been told i am getting my c+e license. thanks
  2. Look on the search function, Handbag :D
  3. HTB I think you will find that he is a Purse , not a Handbag
    SSF you will be put on a driving cse , so dont un-pack your kit when you get there

  4. amazing how many people read this thread and failed to comment. Fishy, it really depends which Sqn you are going to, when you find out, PM me and I can give you a bit of a clue and some advice ref 7 sigs.....( Before all you negative bods on here jump on my back, it will be constructive, useful info I will dish out).

    Despite what a lot of people say about 7, it is actually not a bad first posting. Lots going for it, not least the location, but as i said, pm me and i will pass on more.
  5. If you look back through the death of 7 thread, you will find that I gave nothing but constructive info about 7.

    It just pisses people off that newbies don't use the search function.

    And chedder, he is a purse, can't take the handbag off of you :wink: