7 Sigs - Tier Park

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by The Bad ass, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Anyone remenber SMURF from A5 troop, 3 Sqn? Lost touch with him....
  2. Nope but I do remember being sh1tfaced in Willy's and then making the pilgrimage to the Tier Park for pizza on many occasions... I can still make the baboon noises as well :)
  3. Ah Willy's Bar, and who was that German slapper that used to live there?
  4. Dunno but I do recall that Willy's son; Ralf, taught me how to play Shock and introduced me to Apfelkorn :) They made a lot of money from a lot of Siggies but but they looked after us pretty well too.
  5. Ah shock and Apfelkorn, what a sublime mix... with lashings of Calzone fron the Tier Park, where I do believe they gave you some form of Korn while you waited?
  6. Ex 7 Sigs myself but way back 70's. The bar half way to town used to be a Lowenbrau bar put almost a whole months money over the bar when I left. Had quite a few locals there
    from Bad Sulzuflen down the road. Happy days.
  7. Yeah I remember that bar, what was it called?
  8. This place?

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  9. Woah, bang on cue! What was it called though?
  10. Dunno, in my time (83-86) we just called it the "Munch" but I dunno if it had a real name.
  11. Speedkuff,

    If you were there 83 - 86 and spent time in Willy's then we may have met for I had the odd game of shock in there too. I was there 82 - 86.

    We would break up the rounds of Apfelkorn with shots of Batida (a coconut liqueur).

    I knew the Munchner bar simply as halfway house, being half way towards town.

    Happy days!

  12. Twas known as the Munch, run by Sammy.
  13. **** me....that's a blast from my youthful past!

  14. Ah! But, does anyone remember The Wigtig?
  15. Name rings a bell.....wherever I started I always ended up in Krops!