7 Sigs stories/phots/info anything really

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by notsogreen, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. If anyone has any historical info about 7 Sigs in its 50 year history at any location, please send it to me or post in open forum.

    Photos, stories, history whatever you have from where ever you have it!


    (its for a presentation, not just for my own curiosity)

    (i would prefer to avoid stories about painting grass green and kerb stones white etc, as i dont think that would impress my target audience too much!)
  2. I guess you're not looking for stories about how it was a cushy posting if you were a sports freak and how the regiment knackered other units by posting them trademen who'd forgotten how to do their trade?
  3. Could tell about the time they set up an antenna field in an uncleared minefield in Bos :D
  4. CF - that could work as a light hearted story to break the seriousness of it all, please tell!

    HF - I assume that you are not a sportsman LOL
  5. I spent 4 years with them in Herford.......*shudders at the thought*
  6. I was a unit level sportsman; but a soldier & tradesman first - unlike most that left 7 Sigs :) ;)
  7. Oh, I can tell you when the INLA blew it up!
  8. If it's who I think it is, he's still around, still a vortex & just got offered VEng!

    Roadster, PM me :D


  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I heard that go off, and then 30 seconds later all hell breaking loose and sirens going off everywhere.
  10. Roadster, I know who you mean on both counts :wink:

    Notsogreen, I could give you a few from last night :D
  11. HTB - i am sure you could!!!

    Hairy Fairy - i was an average sportsman and a even worse tradesman, but i had some great times LOL
  12. Trade :? What might that be :wink:

    I've also played a little bit of sport in my time.............
  13. Small world eh! I'd only been there about a week.
  14. there must be some historians out there itching to share their knowledge on the regiments history, or possibly have a link to somewhere that does??
  15. Seen this ? :D http://baor-locations.com/maresfieldbks.aspx was there 87 till 90.